Monday, March 02, 2009

MAJOR Blog neglect

I know... i should be fired. Averaging about one post per month isn't really working is it?

So here's what i've been up to lately.....

*Got REALLY sick and tired of my house feeling so cramped and claustrophobic- so we got a storage unit and spent a good few days re-organizing the house with our newly found space. LOVE IT! i can breathe now! The sad part is that a large majority of what i put in storage was my scrap stuff. Yes- i said it.... Amber has packed up all her scrappy goodies. I haven't had the urge/mojo/desire to scrap in the last 8 months and really haven't done a whole lot. My contract ends here in 4 months, so what's the point in having it out right? I did keep out essentials in my XXL- in case i wanted to get on it again though.

*It's a good thing i kept out what i did of scrap stuff because i got BOMBARDED with scrap deadlines. I quit all my design teams- but then Piggy Tales contacted me and wanted me to be their guest designer for the month of April. They sent me a big package of stuff and I made TONS of projects- it was a tough job.... I'll post the pics once they give me permission to do so! That- and Kim (the lady who owns Scrapbooks N Stickers, the one I travel with) sent me a big package to make projects for the booths for CKC's for the year. There's a show coming up in Portland this week and had to get a bunch of stuff done for that.

*Been busy with photography schtuff. I was able to go take pics of my cousin and her friends for their Valentine dance- it was a total blast. And the fact that i got to use my fancy new lens made it all the better!

*Also been working out- just at home.. doin' my own thang. And the BEST thing ever is that I'm now 1 lb BELOW pre-pregnancy weight!!!! I celebrated by having a big ole' cake. lol ;)- jk

*IT'S MY BIRTHDAY ON WEDNESDAY!!!! ANd i got over the whole birthdya hype A LONG time ago, but it is fun having an excuse to go shopping! RIck and I got a nice date on saturday and he was so awesome and let me load up on a few goodies. I got the CUTEST shoes in the world.. .seriously- TO DIE FOR.

*I'm headed to Portland on Wed. Night. First trip of the year, and i'm totally excited. Not only do i get a break from kids (even though i go crazzy missing them), but i get to see one of my bestest friends-ROXY!!!

*Got some new games- a card game called Bohnanza (The bean game) and Munchkin. both card games that are so much fun. if you're into that sort of thing.. .seriously get them.

*got my hair cut- twice. First time, wanted it all different and cute, got it cut-liked it.. but then 2 weeks later I go crazy cause I have no clue how to tame it. SO i go back and get it cut again into a more manageable style- she still did it a little different, really short. but i like it... suits me.

Ok- here's a few pics of some of the projects I've been working on so I can leave a little eye candy. I'll post more later- esp. some pics from Portland when i get back! toodles!


BiblioBags said...

Yah, you should be sent to blog prison for blog neglect. I'm the same way with scrapping . . . haven't had the itch. Too too busy!

Post pics of your hair, STAT!

Jen Gallacher said...

Happy, happy birthday (a day early). When you get back from your trip, let's do a girl's night out: movie, shopping, and some dinner to celebrate! (My treat on the dinner thing.)

Lisa Brown said...

Happy birthday tommorow. I totally understand about the storage unit. That is why we pay extra for a garage. And guess what?! We got orders and are moving to Ft. Bragg, NC - possibly as soon as June! Yea!! We finally get to move :).

Kayla said...

Happy Birthday girl!!!

Anonymous said...

I can't wait to hear about all your escapades in Portland!! HAVE FUN! :)

Melissa said...

GLad you're better. Your stuff is always so cute and inspiring! I LOVE it. Sure miss cropping with you. And Happy Birthday!!!

Anonymous said...

YOUR ALIVE! I was about to send out search and rescue. JK. I am totally happy for you that you are to prebaby weight. I am back to pre seventh month weigh. That couns for something! Have fun on your trip!

Victoria said... are just way too talented. I LOVE your scrapbook pages. So, most importantly, what do the new shoes look like? And, you need to post a pic of your cute new hairdo!

And Happy Birthday!!

Unknown said...

Love the wall hangings! Gorgeous work!