Monday, June 08, 2009

am i alive?

yes i am... barely.
June is the death month for me this year... and for a few good reasons.
the last week of may- i went to Buffalo, NY for a scrap convention (work). Then i got home the Sunday, just to turn around 2 days later and headed to Arlington, TX where I just got home on Sunday. During this trip... i managed to break my middle finger- yes you hear right. It got smashed pretty good while i was tearing down the grid for the booth. aw well- things happen rght?
And now what you ask...... I'm going to Pasedena on thursday morning for yet another convention. Good thing i get to see my good friends-otherwise... wouldn't be fun at all.

Then next week- (i get home late saturday night) i drive up to Idaho early Sunday morning to spend the day with my family. My little bro. is goign to serve a church mission up in Calgary for the next 2 years and he'll be leaving in 2 weeks.
Next wednesday- we then head up to Montana for Rick's family reunion. although it will require about an 8 hour drive... it will be worth it. We haven't seen any of that side of his family since before we moved to GA... so it's been years. too long in my book.

we'll stay for a few days and come home that following sunday. I'll stick around for a few days at my family's house to spend a little more time with my brother and then head home just to turn around and make yet another trip to Chantilly, VA at the end of the month.

NOW...... i take a breath.
once i get home... i'm crashing, burning, dying, sleeping, and doing NOTHING. I'm exhausted right now- hate to think what i'll be like in 3 weeks once it's all over. Good thing I have a wonderful support system and an awesome husband to boot. :)

but yes my dears... i am alive.... barely. lol


Lindsey said...

It was SOOO fun to see you!!! I hope you come back for lots of conventions here in Arlington! Sorry you broke your finger, though... but seeing me certainly made up for it! Hehe!!!
Here's to celebrating 30 in NYC! (Kayla and Amanda, this includes you! We've got a few years so start saving!)

AMANDA said...

I miss you love!! I hope you have a good time on all your travels...stay safe!! :)

Amie said...

wow! I mean, holy toledo!! goodness girl, take a breath every now and then in there!

Anonymous said...

how am i supposed to come and see you if you aren't going to be home? Bryan did say I could rent a car if I wanted, wanna meet somewhere in the middle!!

{Jason and Elan} said...

that sounds like absolute madness! I hope it is at least a little fun though. That stinks you broke your finger!

Lisa Brown said...

Your kids must miss you so much! And how fun that you actually get to go to reunions now that you live out West :).

{Elyse} said...

You should stop by my parents house. They are like 5 minutes away from Pasadena!! You are crazy traveling around so much...but how fun!

BiblioBags said...

I would just die! Have fun! And don't die.

Liz said...

I looked all day Friday for you but didn't see you..WAAAA.. I even seen one of your kits in the Piggy tales booth.