Monday, June 29, 2009

Updates: Photo Loaded

Ok- so I've been busy right? lol
Thought I'd catch ya'll up on what's been going on.

It was Kayleb's birthday on the 11th- he was totally excited of course. the kid has been asking fr his birthday to come for like 6 months, so i'm glad it's gone. But here are some pics of his day.

Then we made a trip up to Montana to have a family reunion on ricks side. We haven't seen them since before we moved to GA- so it was esp. fun to see all of them. Rick made us take the "scenic route" (aka 2 hours out fo the way) to see his old town and house etc. Turned out to be one of the best ideas because the country was so beautiful! that 2 extra hours turned into 4 because we stopped for pictures so much! lol There was this old ghost town calld Granite that sits literally on top of the mountain outside this town Rick used to live in. So we made our way p the mountain and finally got there (after scaring me half to death) and got some pics of this major cool ghost town. Built in like 1830 something, it was a silver mining town- supposedly one of the largest towns in all of Montana back in the day. Totally cool though, i loved it.

Then as soon as we got home, it was Jayce's birthday. Little baby turned 1 on me andalthough it was a milestone for him, it also signified as a milestone for rick and I in being able to get through this last year and still survive! lol It was tough and Jayce wasn't the best baby to start out with, but he sure has turned into the funnest little kid ever! He is just so happy and funny, I just loe being able to play with and hold him every day. And btw- Jayce LOVES balls. he just lights up everytime he sees he got 6 for his birthday. lol

Then last, my little brother has left for his mission. (In our church, the 19 year old boys sere church/service missions all over the world for 2 years) He will be training fo 3 weeks here in Provo and then he leaves for Calgary, Canada for the next 2 years. What I will miss: he has the BEST sense of humor, could always make us laugh. He was extremely talented- if he decided he wanted to do or learn something, he researched and practiced until he got it. examples: balloon animals, ping pong, piano, and most of all the ukulele. The kid taught himself to play th sucker andhe is simply amazing and was always playig it EVERYWHERE. hilarious. Oh- and at the bottom, that is Kim, Ty's girlfriend. She's practically part of the family already and they are getting married as soon as my brother steps off the plane. lol we've threatened her life so she ca't date anyone else while he's gone. (she has no interest anyway... she loves him too much. lol)

Anyway- he will be missed for these 2 years, but I am very proud of him for putting his life on hold to serve and to teach what he knows to be true. ISn't he just a cutie?
OK- that's it for now. We are STILL looking for a house. We did find one that suits our needs, and it's pretty cute - it's OLD- but we're running out of time and options at this point. So i'll keep you posted on that. toodles!


Anonymous said...

I think it's so fun and cool that your kids look so much like your brother... I think it's the eyes? Great pics and share. :)

Lisa Brown said...

Love those Montana pics! And I love ghost towns - we used to go to them all the time when I grew up in Nevada. Happy Birthday to both your boys! I can't believe Jayce is already one!!