Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Tween anxiety

Yes... you heard right. My oldest is ONLY 7 (close to 8) and I'm experiencing the whole tween anxiety already.
She's a little ball of fire and attitude and I am already loathing the day she actually turns into a REAL teen.

that being said- I have proof.

Take one look at this picture.
If this look doesn't prove miss attitude saying "whatever mom.. get out of my face"... i don't know what does. lol
But then I said "snap out of it goofball... i need a good picture"
Then this is what happened....
The little booger knows how to turn it on and off like that.
And even though she is (as my mom would put it) "just like me"..... i love her dearly. She truly is too fun and growing up way too fast.


BiblioBags said...

wow, I haven't been on here in a while . . . I love the new look!

Lisa Brown said...

He he! Sounds like Lily :). Oh, and I love the photography blog, by the way.