Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Interior Re-Decorating

Ok.. so since moving here to Utah, I've gotten into trouble. I've discovered this thing called DECORATING YOUR HOUSE. yah.

SO what do I do? I've stalked up and I typically find a few new things a month that I just HAVE to have. ANd the result..... A HOUSE I LOVE TO BE IN!
Yes... it's true. I no longer resemble the starving students look. (not that that's bad)

ANd no... I'm not trying to keep up with the Joneses. I just happened to find something I love to do, that I didn't know was there.
So I've done some re-arranging, some re-decorating, and I've put up the Christmas decor. Here's the results:

Before Kitchen:

After Kitchen:
Don't mind the messy table. Pretend that looks all purdy-like too :)

Before Living Room:

After Living Room:

I forgot to take a before picture with this wall (DANGIT)- but it used to be about 20 different sized frames filled with random pictures spread all over the wall. Now it's just this:

ANd now.. here's all my Christmas stuff!! Pretty huh?
Yay for christmas time- LOVE this time of year!


Kayla said...

I miss your house. :( But I miss the people in your house even more!

Where on Earth did you find such a great couch? haha!

Jen Gallacher said...

I want a fireplace JUST so I can hang my stockings. Jealous!! This is so pretty, Amber. :)

Katie said...

Okay, so at first I thought you were posting a link to someone else's blog!! haha Looks awesome!! You did a fantastic job. Now, wanna come do mine??? hehehe

Amie said...

Wow it looks amazing! I love your wall o' clocks!

Carol said...

yah!!!been there!!!!!!!!!! it looks so awesome. I love those panels in the living room, coming down from the looks way cool! and I love the big shelf in the kitchen. You go girl!!!

Sherri said...

Looks simple and sweet Amber! And you did get a picture of the wall with all the random size shows in the picture you took from the 2nd floor :) I wish you could come over here and inject me with some xmas spirit.

Karen said...

Amber, you are awesome! LOVE the decorating! Fantastic style!

Aussie TM5 Thermomixer said...

I love the clock above the mantlepiece and the hanging frames - they look great!

Casey Lu said...

I LOVE the shelf in the kitchen and the vinyl that you have under it! Your house looks fabulous!

Lisa Brown said...

Isn't it so great to have the freesom to decorate?

Stacey said...

It looks so fabulous. I love it.