Thursday, November 09, 2006

More Info

So I continue to be a guest blogger on Georgana's blog every Tuesday. Go check it out here to see my latest entry:
I still have yet to scrap anything for myself. I'm getting frustrated at the fact that I am not having time to do what I love. But I'll get over this bad spell and hopefully be starting up my own things soon.

I do have a class this coming up Saturday. It is my 2nd class in the series of Elsie Challenge workshops. We will focus on challenge #'s 4-6. If you are interested in a kit-(signups for the class are now closed)- call Savannah Scrapbooking to get one. I will be coming up with the next kit for challenges #7-9 next week. You can see the kit here:

I HAVE to mention the finale of LOST last night! wasn't it amazing?!?!?! That show is like a drug for me..... have to watch it or I have a bad day! The writers mever cease to amaze me with new ideas and how they all connect. Can't wait until Feb when it starts up again. Any LOST fans? We'll get along great!

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Anonymous said...

Well, I'm not a LOST fan...but they were talkin' about it on my radio station this morning and they were sooooo pissed that they left it with such a cliff hanger...what a bummer, to have to wait for Feb. Whatever will you do??? :)