Thursday, November 09, 2006

What's in a Name Tag

I've been tagged again... thanks to my friend Lisa (blog at right), so I have to give the explanation to why we chose the names of our children. So here's more random facts about me!
Hailey- I used to fantasize in high school about what I'd name my children when I had them. Hailey was the first name I ever came up with for a girl. So when I got married and had a girl, we tossed some names around, but luckily for me, my husband loved the name just as much as I did. So tha'ts how my oldest got her name. Not named after anyone, just liked the name a lot!
Kayleb- Well, boy names are a HUGE struggle for us. We fought over boy names the entire pregnancy. Honestly, I hated the name Kayleb. I worked in a daycare and there was this aweful child with that name! Every name I liked, RIck didn't and vice versa- so we had a hard time with it. Rick loved this name- but for some reason-(i'm really wierd on this) when it's spelled Caleb, I still hate it. But I saw it spelled Kayleb, and loved it. So once I changed the spelling, that's what we went with.
Amelia- Well, yet again, this name was the second name I came up with in high school for girls. I had a friend with this name when I was little and have always loved it. So when it came time to have another girl, we had it narrowed down to 2 names and when she came, we honestly couldn't decide. I think the deciding factor for me was when I Hailey to say Amelia, she said "amia". I'm always thinking of what nickname possibilities will happen. And "mia" came out of that and I LOVED it. So for me- that was it. to this day- she is "Baby Mia". we very rarely call her Amelia- but I still love the name.

Thats about it. Like I said- random facts...... :)-


Anonymous said...

Kevin and I had the same trouble with boys names. We each hated the names the other thought of. Thank goodness we finally agreed, but it got pretty old.

Anonymous said...

well, I love Caleb, spelled just liek that lol! But I'm really old fashioned. I have a Jonas and a Margaret (Maggie).