Saturday, November 25, 2006

Happy Thankgiving!

Ok- I know I'm a slacker! BUt here I am, still alive and still here with things to share. First things first.... I've had my weekly update on Georgana's blog on the lines coming out in Jan. you can check them out here for some hints and sneek peeks on what they will sort of look like!
Did you have a wonderful Thanksgiving? I did! We had a few families over for dinner and had SOOOOOOOO much food. My kitchen is big enough- but all counter space was crammed to the max with food. It was great. And not to toot my own horn too much- but I do make the best Turkey in the whole wide world, and once again, this year was no different! Seriously.... thinking of opening my own turkey cooking business. :)
But now that it's over- it's my favorite time of year. CHRISTMAS!!!! I always pull out all my decorations and decorate my house the day after THanksgiving and yesterday was no different. I pulled it all out and it's all up and ready to share. One surprise that was added to my collection this year is my "Shaky Booty Santa". That's what I call it. My husband went and bought it for me at Walmart. It plays a song and turns around and literally shakes it's booty. It's absolutely hilarious and you can't possibly have a bad day with that going on! Here are some pics of my Christmas decor. AND- I was able to finally sit down and do something for myself. I switched my living room and dining room around and decided that my walls needed a makeover too. SO I went and found all these frames in my closet and made a collage on my wall in my dining room. I love how it turned out. what do you think? THe picture makes it look sort of small- but it really takes up about half my wall.

Such a wonderful time of year- can't wait to share all my stories and pics of the season. Going out to take more family pics today. hopefully I get some good ones- seems to be almost impossible with 3 children under the age of 4!!!!
Happy Holidays!

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Anonymous said...

I love your wall! So pretty! I'm glad you guys had a great Thanksgiving. Kevin wanted to keep it just us this year, since last year I was a crazy lady, and 8 months pregnant I cooked for like 15 people :).