Friday, December 22, 2006

Holiday Baking

I finally did it. I'm still good cause' Christmas isn't here yet. And for those lucky people who got to partake in my treats...... lets' just ask them how lucky they feel!!! Now, my whole childhood is based on the tradition of making and decorating sugar cookies for holidays. This year- I wanted to change it up a bit. I decided to make hard candy, divinity, and fudge. I've never made ANY of this before in my whole life. So I hunkered down, (complete with helmet, oven mit, and spoon in hand), and attempted to make these treats. I was so leary- because to be quite honest- I've alwasys heard that all 3 recipes are always hit and miss. After 3 hours of sweating over the stove (and no..... my beads of sweat did not fall into anything) I completed them all and they all turned out! I added a little pinch of almond extract- and they are sooo good! and then I added the Andes chocolate pieces to my fudge recipe and OH MY WORD!!!!! the best fudge I've ever had in my life! I'll put the recipes on here a little later for you all to partake. SO here are the pictures of my first ever candies.... aren't you just so proud?!


Anonymous said...

looks good- I'm a divinity fiend!

Anonymous said...

So glad YOUR divinity turned out right...Elizabeth and I sweated over ours tonight, and doggone it, the flippin' mixer blew up one minute from perfection and I ended up with a giant sticky mess. Ugh!!! It's alway's been my specialty, but apparently my mixer disagreed. Good goin' girl!