Saturday, December 23, 2006

Lucky Ducky Teachers

I was so excited for Hailey to start school this year. Not because she was going to be gone all day, everyday- not because she was going to be learning- not because she was finally going to socialize with kids her age; not because I'd be back down to 2 kids- but beacuse I was going to be able to make her teacher a gift at Christmas and at the end of the year! I know.. pathetic. BUT- in my defense.... I am a huge advocate of showing our teachers how much they are appreciated. They do so much to help our children and mold their lives.... they need some praise and acknowledgment every now and again to let them know that we care. So let's just say that my childrens future teachers have no idea how lucky they are. They will be getting handmade gifts from me every year! This year- This is what Hailey's teacher got for Christmas. Cam complete with handmade bag and card too! (and don't let me fool you... the card and bag have been made for quite a while.. just pulled them out and dusted them off)
Just filled the tin with a bunch of candy- think she'll like it?
Now show your teacher you care!!!! (everybody grab hands and say "We care, We care") hahahaha-

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Anonymous said...

Too bad I didn't teach your kids :). So fun! I would have totally loved something like that - so much better than another bottle of lotion or scented candle. I'll bet her teacher loved it.