Saturday, December 23, 2006

The things children NEED

Yah.... need.... what a word. Notice how that word never ceases to "escape" out the mouths of our children almost every second of the day? every time there is a commercial on TV or anytime a friend has a cool thing... it's always "I want that." Hailey's latest comment.... "I want that... is it under the tree?" figures.Which leads me to the point of this entry. Hailey is a "good listener" at school and gets rewarded for it. We wanted to extend that into our home life since "good listening" seems to be something that was done in 1742. Enter.... sticker book. everytime we ask Hailey to do something and she does it right away- she chooses a sticker and gets to put it in a special book. She loves it. So I made this cute little Ariel book for Hailey... since she is in that phase right now. BUt what happens when you have twins.... or close to twins? everything has to be fair. Kayleb decided he NEEDED one too. OF COURSE!!!! WHAT WAS I THINKING?!?!?! Like I could get away with making one for her and not him. sheesh!! SO I went and made one for Kayleb. Yah, so the question would be.... is it really working? Well- I'll let you know in the year 3467. Here they are for your enjoyment- nothing special... just something to show. (at least I'm not completely stopping my creative-ness right?!)

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