Friday, December 08, 2006

Page of the Day......or week... or month.....

So I decided that since I'm a die hard scrapper- I haven't been posting much of my work. For good reason... I might add- but still! So I will post one of my pages a day- or week- or the title claims... hahahah! I'll try to do it more often. I'd like to get feedback on my stuff. For some reason- I submit like crazy and can NEVER get my pages published. I've had cards published a few times, but I want a page published more than anything. Isn't that the greatest boost to your scrappers ego than to have one of YOUR pages published for all the world to see? I guess I can't complain a whole lot. I did have a page "published" on the packaging of my Mia Flower stickers.(which I'm not fond of anymore) And... I just got asked to do a page using my open shelf lines, (which have now been named the Amber and Shari lines), for an ad in the Feb issue of Scrapbooks Etc. magazine! So I guess that will technically be "published"..... but it won't be because of my "creative genius" that came out and did an INCREDIBLE job- but because it's my line of product and no one can use it but me right now! hahahahahahah! oh well- something to add to my list and to make me smile... what could be worse than that right?

All the good pages I like are in my portfolio at right- you can check those out anytime. But I will choose a certain one and give the story behind it. Which I think is the most important part of scrapbooking.

the one i chose for today is "Little Prayers"
I did this page because I wanted to remember what my son said every single night in his prayers. This is the hidden journaling at top- "Kayleb’s Prayer “mommy, daddy, hayee, kayub, bee yeeya, gwamma, gwampa,nana, bobo, tyty, mecky, jif, daddy, hayee, mommy, kayub, bee yeeya, mecky, jif, daddy, gwamma, gwampa, hayee, mommy, kayub, nana, bobo, tyty, Heh fadder, monteers, monteers, Heh Fadder, Amem. Oh the faith of a child. It brings my heart such joy, my son, to see you kneel down at the close of each day and say the sweetest little prayer to someone you’ve never seen or hardly know anything about. Yet you talk as if you are talking to someone who listens and loves you just as much as your father and I do. Your prayers right now show to me how important family is to you. There are so many things you can be thankful for and the ones you mention every night are that of your family members. It’s so cute and funny to see you praying about monsters, but yet amazing to me that you know your Heavenly Father will help keep you safe. I wish that you will always keep the simple faith that your prayers will be answered. I can’t imagine my life without your prayers to help keep my faith going and growing. Thank you, sweet son of mine, for that daily reminder! August 2006"
He said this every night for quite a while. Like most things- he has outgrown this "phase". I'm so glad I wrote it down and got these adorable pics to remember this by. I wouldn't have remembered otherwise. THAT"S WHY I SCRAPBOOK!!!!!- we need to remember the reason behind the pages we do. It's not about who can do the coolest design or who can use the newest products. It's about your self expression and giving the story behind the pictures.
ok- off my soapbox now..... enjoy!!!!

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