Thursday, June 21, 2007

Contest Work and Tag

Ok- so I'm in two contests now. I made the first cut- so I'm gonna show you my creations. These challenges are getting harder and harder. I love doing them because I end up creating something that I typically wouldn't have otherwise done.
SO here ya go!
AND..... I got tagged by my girl Zarah so i must complete it!
7 Random facts about me.....
1) I am a self proclaimed CCD person. (Compulsive Cleaning Disorder) I pick up my house all day long!
2) I'm VERY lazy when it comes to making dinner. I don' tknow what it is- but I despise making dinner. used to be good at it. Now it just takes too long and it's so freakin' hot in my apt. that turning on the stove or oven turns our house into a sauna.
3) I love the rain. If i could go live in Seattle- I'd be set for life!
4) WHen it comes to planning parties or get-togethers, I'm all for it. I love organizing it all. but when it comes to organizing my time... I absolutely SUCK! lol
5) I find something funny in almost everything. Life's about having fun right? Why not laugh at it?!
6) I make up songs. Yup... i'll go around my house and make up a song to just about any situation I find myself in. Good thing I find myself funny...... makes for a more lively song making!!!
7) I love going on family outings. Don't ask me what I enjoy about dragging my 3 kids out to a grocery store... but just love having all of us together- regardless of what we're doing.
ok- I think those were random enough. Don't you? :)
now- I need to tag some people. Ok-
Lisa, Amanda, Jamie, and Roxy...... let's see em girls!!

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Zarah said...

Nooo... Not as weird as me, still! *grins*

Love those LOs, Amber!