Thursday, June 21, 2007

My Poor Baby

Well... accidents are bound to happen. I've been dreading the first time my baby gets hurt. It finally came. History: See... older girl and boy like tp climb all over the place. Especially the couch. Our couch is facing the dining room- so there's no wall behind it. They like to jump over it and climb over it.. etc. Well- baby thinks she can do the same thing and she got the guts up to try it today. Yup... fell completely over the couch and landed on her head. By the time i reached her- she was gasping for breath and there was blood everywhere. Scared the heeby jeebies out of me!

So I ran her to the bathroom and washed her off- to find that she had bitten her lip clear through. In one side and out the other. Of course it was gushing and made me think that something else had happened, like her teeth getting all jacked up er somethin.

Anyway- got her all cleaned up, frantic phone call to mom too see if I should take her in for stitches, (she doesn't) and have her suck on some ice. She got a nice bump on her head, along with a nice rug burn, and a fat lip.

Poor baby!!!! I don't beat my kids.. I swear!!! :) lol
(she's getting so spoiled today.... makes me feel aweful!)


LeeAnn said...

I dread the first time my baby girl takes a spill. I totally relate!

Lisa Brown said...

Poor Mia! It really reinforced for me again how different boys and girls are - I swear, Derek had injured himself so much I can't remember the first time :) - Crazy. I hope her poor lip gets better - so sad!

the real ~Roxann~ said...

poor baby Mia! Did you cry after your freaked and it was all over?? That's what I always do, when I realize how bad it could have been!!!!