Friday, June 22, 2007

HUGE RANT........ and some good news!

Here's a story of what happened to me today..... it's long- but seriously, need to get it off my chest.
History: we live in an apt building wiht a pool. We go whenever we can- tons of fun. never had any problems at all the entire 3 yrs we've lived here. Well- one day the other week we were the only ones ther and this kid comes in. he's about 14 or so. He starts jumping and diving in the shallow area making huge splashes and showing off. Really annoying. he kept going and going, btu we were ready to leave, so i never said anything. we left. end of story- or so i thought. TODAY: we decided to go swimming again. really excited. We are usually the only ones there, but today- everyone and their dog with little kids decided to show up at the same time. So it was a pretty crowded pool, mostly really little kids. Ok- we can still have fun right? NOPE! just as we had been there not too long, this same kid comes walking in with 2 older women ( and by older I mean.... parent figures) and a bunch of little kids. He immediately runs and dives right into the shallow end where all the little kids are. Now- I'm sitting outside the pool just watching, knowing my blood is boiling just watching this kid. i decide to get in the pool. He continues to jump in, causing HUGE splashes, running and jumping over little kids heads and landing in the pool. Now- let me also mention that the deep end, where he could EASILY swim and jump and splash, was completely empty. He continues to do this. Well someone in the office saw him and came out and warned him about jumping in with all the little kids and told him not to do it anymore and that he would be kicked out if he conitnued to do it. The second the guy walks away- he runs and jumps into the pool (in the shallow end of course) and says " that guys old.. he's gonna die anyway- he can't do anything" keeps going and going like this. There are PLENTY of adults here that are very annoyed, but no one is saying anything so as to not offend his less-than-caring adults with him. I finally couldn't take it anymore. He jumped in and when he pooped up- i yelled at him and said "Ok.. now stop it. My kids are swimming here and I don't want you doing that near them anymore." he said " whatever." and walked off to the deep end. Ok- that was very rude, but at least he's in the deep end. he then decides to come back over to the shallow end and continue to cannonball over the kids. i told myself" if he does it one more time, i'm wripping his head off." and of course.. he did- SURPRISE SURPRISE! I lost it. I got up and yelled (screamed really) "That's enough! You stop coming over here and jumping into the shallow end. THere are way too many little kids over here that you are trying to hurt and I'm not gonna put up with it anymore. So stop!" he then says " I'm not doing anything, and besides, you're not my mom so be quiet." NO HE DIDN"T!!!!!!!!! I said " Don't talk to me like that- I'm older than you are and you are very disrespectful" By now... my DH is walking over to him and saying " You don't talk to my wife like that- do you understand?" his "parent figures" were just sitting there watching and not caring that he was getting chewed out. THey seemed pleased actually. lol So... I hear him say- "they aren't gonna do anything. No one is in there so they can't kick me out." So I then go on to say- " I don't care if no one is in the office. I'm gonna call first thing int he morning to make sure you never come in here again. What apt do you live in?" he then says " like i'm gonna tell you." DH then flips. goes back over to him and start getting up in his face "You dont' talk to my wife like that. You have no respect for her or anyone else here. You see all these little kids here? you can easily land on one of them and hurt them. THere's the deep end, go jump over there where you won't hurt anyone. And stop talking to adults like that. Not cool." he then says " ok fine." never aplogizes or anything. His parent figure then swims over to me and says "he lives in apt E8. and make sure you call tomorrow." I smile and say "thanks" It was funny cause ALL of the people in the pool stopped what they were doing to see these crazy white people yelling at this kid. He sat int he corner of the pool for a while then got up and left. All the adults hated it just as much as we did but no one ever said anything. Thing is- a kid like that needs to be put in his place- but you are also afraid to go too far as for fear of what he may be capable of. And living where I do.. that's unfortunately something you have to be careful of. So anyway- I'll be calling the front office tomorrow and if I ever see him come int he pool again. We'll leave. But it seriously boils my blood so much that I'm shaking. i can't stop thinking about how incredibly rude this kid is and how direspectful he was about all these little kidsin there that could have easily gotten seriously hurt by him.

ugh! the NERVE of people! (aka... dumb kids with no respect!)

on to some good news..... my friend ROXY is coming for a visit!!! WOOHOO!!! I can't begin to tell you how excited i am! I miss her so much and we'll have a smashing good time when she comes...... can you say " All night crop with a bunch of wild women with bottles of Jack Daniels and Margaritas?" ( I don't drink.. i just get to be in the same room with them and listen to their drunken humor..... HAHAHAHAHAHA)


the real ~Roxann~ said...

Way to go RICK!!!! (oh, and Amber, too) But my favorite part of the story is how the Rick-i-nator stood up for his wifey!! Soooo romantic!

And now I get to your s wirty dord on your blog....that kids was a a$$!!!!

I hope he never bothers you again and if he does, by a look a word or anything else, you call the police ASAP and get it on record!

You go girl!!!!

Oh, and woo hoo....I can't wait to see you and give you the biggest hug known to man!!!!!



Unknown said...

omg........that's terrible Amber. So proud of you for being brave enough to say something. (Shame on all those other wimps for not saying anything) He'll get what's coming to him. So sad he has crappy parents. and Yeah Roxxy coming to town

Lisa Brown said...

I was so angry for you as I read this!! I was ready to go chew out the kid too. Thank goodness you stood up to him, especially since it sounds like no one ever has. And how awesome that your husband swooped in there to support you!

Zarah said...

I'm just glad I wasn't there... I'd have dragged him away by his ears! I'm so impressed with the way you both stayed so CALM while he was being such a rotten BRAT!

Jen Gallacher said...

You go girl!!! That's the woman I know and love. :) Let me know how it turns out!

the real ~Roxann~ said...

Oh, and by the way, why do ya make me sound like a boozer?! Do you know that 2of the 3 times I drank during my 3 years in Savannah were with JAMIE!!! (can you say, bad influence?! ha ha ha!!!)