Saturday, June 16, 2007

More Photos!!!

Ok- so I had my second field trip today for my photography class. The assignment was to try to capture movement. She taught us about "panning"- which is literally focusing on an object that's moving while you move with it. (in simple terms). So.... the ones of my friends are using teh Panning technique. it's supposed to create a blurred background while keeping the subject mainly in focus. And of course.... i couldn't resist the whole temptaion of flowers and such- so i had to add them here just because!

So take a look at my web album- and let me know which ones you think I should use for my critique on Tuesday night. Thing is.... I can use the beach ones I took yesterday for my critique too. So out of all the ones you've seen- which ones do you like best?

(you can see my pics from the beach in the previous post)

Thanks!!! :)

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Lisa Brown said...

Besides the beach pics, I love the one of the bottom of the fountain from that garden we were in . Your other pics are gorgeous - sure wish we could use them!!