Friday, June 15, 2007


Ok.... so with my amazing photography class- and learning how to REALLY use my camera, I've been able to take pics like never before and 10 times better! I'm seriously so excited how they are all turning out- i can't say it enough!

So.... we went to the beach again this morning, had a great time too. But I took these pics and just had to share them- you'll definitely be seeing these on a page very soon!! There's a few of me and the kids too- just for kicks. And I must add.... my tan is getting SO GOOD!!!! (not that you can tell by the pic.... lol)

Oh.. and if you'd like to book me to take your personal pics... let me know! HAHAHAHAHA

so whart do yer stink?


Mississauga Kids said...

I have wonderful scrapbooks of my life from the time my son was born till we moved to Mississauga, ON. Then I just never got around to doing it anymore...such a shame. Perhaps I'll find the time to do it again soon. Such a doughting task many photos piled up in a box. You pictures look great!

Nicole said...

holy pete...where do you live??!!

(i'm booking my photo shoot early, lol!!)

Lisa Brown said...

LOVE the ocean pics - you have to use them for your assignment. i am still not happy with my pics this time. Oh well. Feel free to check them out on my blog and let me know. I tried experimenting some more with Lily, but getting her to do what I ask is a challenge :). I need to go to the beach now :).

Anonymous said...

I really like the last water picture, before the sand dune ones.