Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Birthday and Such

So it was my sons 4th birthday on Monday. We headed out to the beach early in the morning. It ended up being cloudy and windy- but it was still fun and nice. kids still swam and we still had a good time. We came home and just had a fun time together as a family. Went out to eat, had some friends over to ahve some cupcakes and ice cream. Of course, Boy only wanted the frosting :) It was a good day- my little boy is 4 now and it makes me so sad:(
And being that I've learned some coolio things about my freakin awesome camera..... i had to try it out on my kids and the beach. One thing I've always wanted to learn was how to catch those cool pics of water falling and seeing all the droplets. I don' tknow why... it's just cool looking. So.. .I took this pic of boy pouring water and it worked!!!!! i had the settings right and everything! How cool is this pic?!?!?!?

Also... I was able to scrap a page from boy's birthday today. I did it for a contest and I quite like how it turned out. i ended up using product i've had for quite a while, made me happy :)
So here you go.... more eye candy!!!! :)-


Veronica said...

It is beautiful you two look great

Jen Gallacher said...

K! How in the world did our boys get so big? I wish Jimmy could have been there to get rowdy and have some cake. Give him a big hug from Jimmy and me!

Anonymous said...

Holy cow that water pic is AMAZING!!! You are too good. Plus I love that LO. You look really good in that pic! :) I can't believe Kayleb is so old!!! 'sniff'

Lissa Ballard said...

WOW! Great photo Amber! Love all the pictures you've shared. That layout is fabulous. I love your style.

Happy Birthday to Kaleb. They grow up way too fast.


Lisa Brown said...

I love the water pic - you over achiever ;). And you look gorgeous in the picture of you and Caleb!