Saturday, June 09, 2007

My Photography Class

Ok- So i signed up for this photography class through a local college here. It is FABULOUS!!!

I can't even begin to tell you how excited I am!!! I'm finally learning how to use my camera on manual mode and how to use the lighting and envirnment to my advantage.

So today was our first "field trip". Here is the link to my web album for my first pics using my newly found knowledge!!! I took 8 shots in 3 different settings. The first pic in each section is the correct lighting one. the second one is not enough light, the third is too much light.

Here's my dilemma. I have to choose 3 pics to take to my next class on Tuesday for critiques. Wanna help me decide?! I would LOVE your opinion. I need my 3 best shots. SO let me know what you stink so i can have a SMASHING review!!!

Spanx!!!!! :)-


Syll said...

beautiful work, Amber! I took some photo classes in college and just loved them too! My faves of the pics are #1, 2, and 5. good luck!!! =)

Jenelle said...

My favs are # 4, 16 & 23

Amanda said...

These are beautiful! Great job! My picks would be #3, #4, & #19...kudos to you! :D

Anonymous said...

23? I only saw like maybe 5 different images. Did I do something wrong? I like the first image(daylily), the second (hydrangea), and the third (cascading plant). And BTW, I'm mad, because I would have loved to take this class with you. Tell me all the deats so I can sign up next time!!!


Melissa said...

How fun Amber! Learning the manual settings opens up a whole new world. Okay, I looked over your lovely flowers and these are my picks

# 2

# 4

# 19

Good luck in class!

Lisa Brown said...

My favorite is the hydragea :). Have you checked mine out yet? I need input :).

Anonymous said...

I liked # 23 the best.

the real ~Roxann~ said...

Gorgeous pics Amber!!! When you finish your can teach me what you learned! I'm such a camera idiot. I stay on Automatic all the time!!!1

Unknown said...

I took a photography class at ASU a few years back.......Would love to take another one! Have fun