Friday, December 07, 2007

Day 3: MGM Studios

Our last and final day was the best! We had another great nights sleep (thanks to all the walking and "long days") and packed up some snacks, and headed out the door.

We got to MGM Studios and realized right away that not even half the amount of people were there. The parking lot was not even nearly 1/4 full and the day looked bright. We got to the front, got in the park and headed down the main street.

We decided that since this park isn't known for it's rides.... lol.... we'd try to hit ALL of the shows. Our first stop, Beauty and the Beast. Now being that we saw Nemo on the first day, we had high hopes. And being that I've seen the broadway version of this show, i had high hopes too. I have to admit, i was dissapointed. SO wasn't as good as the broadway version (obviously), but it was cute and the kids liked it a lot. I wasn't warned to bring my good lens, and totally wished i had. but regardless, I got a few good shots.

After that show, we headed over to Playhouse Disney. Oh my word! If you have young kids.. this is an absolute must! I even had fun! Seeing my kids faces was completely priceless! It was a blast. So here's Bear in the Big Blue House. Or as Mia would say "bear bi bu house". hahaha

We then went immediately into the Little Mermaid show. Didn't get any good shots of that, but little girsl just love it. It was ok- was the least enjoyable one fore us. But still cute. Hailey got to see Ariel, guess that's all that mattered.

Then we went over to see the Star Wars things. Along the way we saw Mike and Sully from Monsters Inc., but those pics didn't turn out very good either. :( but it was still fun.

Have i mentioned that we haven't waited in a single line yet? it was AWESOME!

So on to Star Wars. Hailey and Kayleb were BARELY tall enough to go on this ride, so on they went with dad. It was one of those simulator rides, and Kayleb thought the entire thing was real. he can't stop talking about going into space and almost crashing. hahah- Hailey, didn't like it as much. she was covering her eyes the whole time. (surprise surprise)

Then we went to have lunch, and again, yet more hamburgers and fries. (man... i swear i will never eat a hamburger again!) but they sure had some good fruit! ;)

We went through the day hitting thigns here and there, walking around, eating ice cream. We accomplished our second goal and that was Buzz and Woody. So here's the proof of that!

The last and BEST thing of the day was the parade. And the park was decked out in Christmas decorations that were so pretty and this christmas parade was awesome. We sat on the curb an hour before it started, so we had awesome seats! Here's the best shots of the day. aren't they FABULOUS?!?!?! I have to admit that the villians are my favorite pics from this day! and for the first time too- Mia was actually happy the whole day. and here's proof too!

It's pretty sad that out of this enitre trip, this was the ONLY time we saw Mickey and Minnie. Oh well- it was fun anyway.
So there's our trip. Glad it's over, but almost want to still be there too! I know we'll take this vacation again. It will be a long time from now, but it was so fun- can't imagine us NOT going back. Now I have plenty of pictures to keep my busy scrapbooking for the next YEARS. hahaha!


the real ~Roxann~ said...

What FUN!!! Great pictures!!!

Jen Gallacher said...

There is something so very amazing about that place. I could go there every few months and still enjoy myself. (except for the outrageous food prices)

Anonymous said...

I should have told you! In Tomorrowland in The Magic Kingdom, there's this restaurant (forget what it's called, but it's the only restaurant in that land) that serves the best rotissorie chicken and mashed potatoes. Sure beats hamburgers. Although, there's this annoying animatronic alien lounge singer that sings the same songs OVER and OVER and OVER . . . very "magical." Ha!

Anyway, great pics! Glad you guys had fun . . . and survived! :)

Lisa Brown said...

As much as our kids liked Magic Kingdom, I think MGM was their favorite. How can anything beat Playhouse Disney Live? So glad you had a blast!!

Kayla said...

Amber! I am insanely jealous!! I've been craving a trip to Disney for about a year now! It looks like you had tons of fun (despite the cheese crackers!) I can't wait to go again with my munchkins!

Theresa Tyree said...

Oh, Amber! You should've heard Connor scream when he saw these pictures! I guess a trip to Disney is a must for us now! LOL!