Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Book Review: Daring Book for Girls

Ok- so check this book out. It was a fun book to read... seriously. When I first saw the book and the title, I was kind of put off with wondering what this book could have in store. I had heard that there had previously been a book similar to this, except for boys. It had done well, so I guess I had no reason to doubt it would be good.

As I started reading, I found myself laughing. It ended up bringin back fond memories of my childhood. Some things that i had actually forgotten! What I appreciated most about this book is that it helps any parent with girls, gear up and help them use their imagination to "play". Takes you back to four square, hopscotch, etc. Remeber back in our day when we didn't have video games and tv and electronic things to entertain us? I hope my daughters can use these games to teach their friends and have fun using their imaginations instead of relying on tv and toys to do it for them.

Another thing.... it's not exactly JUST FOR GIRLS. It can EASILY be applied to boys too. It's not all about dress ups and makeup and looking like a princess. This is more of an imagination guide. Very very intersting and helpful.

This is really a fun book. I'd recommend it to anyone who has kids and wants them to start getting their butts off the couch and having fun with other kids and not relying on THINGS to entertain them. I will be keeping this book in my collection and will be pulling it out in a few years when my daughters are old enough to understand these things and help them use their imagination even more.

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Anonymous said...

Amber, I didn't know they had one for girls. I'd seen the one for boy's on the Racheal Ray show and ran out to buy it. It's really good too! Alisa