Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Magic Kingdom: Day 2

Well, we were totally prepared to make this the funnest day out of the entire trip. It was, afterall, Magic Kingdom. And who in their right mind DOESN"T have fun there?

We couldn't have been more dead wrong!

Day started out well. The kids slept all night long, thanks in part to not sleeping the night before and having a long day the day before. It was beautiful weather, couldn't have asked for anything else.

The very first thing was that we saw these two guys before even entering the park. What could have been better? (except for all the Princesses, and Mickey and the gang all there waiting to greet us? haha)

We got into the park, and realized right away that the crowds were HUGE. Like.... not typical "low season" crowds. Well, there was this huge band there- have no clue who they were, but everyone else did. So by the time we actually cleared the crowds, we made our way through Cinderella's castle to the kids park. We immediately went to Dumbo Ride first. Afterall- it was only a 10 minute wait. NOT!!! We ended up waiting in line for 35 + minutes and baby was a complete monster the whole time. So we get on the rediculously short ride and get off. I snapped this picture. Baby enjoyed the ride... just not me taking her picture!
Then we went over to the Carosel.....we got right on thank heavens! And the kids totally loved it. And once again, baby really did enjoy this one a lot- just didn't want me taking her dang picture again. (sheesh.. what WAS I thinking?)

We proceeded through the day with cranky kids, long lines, and a few shows. We tried to go on rides when the timing was right. It's a Small World was a HUGE hit obviously. no waiting, nice and cool inside, and tons to look at. So that was fun. We were told that going in the Haunted House would be fine for the kids as long as you explained that the ghosts were fake. Well- we talked and talked about it before going in and the kids were excited. We get in there, and not 2 seconds later, the lights go out and Hailey starts crying her eyes out. Kayleb acted scared, but didn't cry. Mia just thought it was cool. So we go through the ride, Hailey crying the whole time, Kayleb covering his eyes most of the time, and Mia just watching in awe of it all. Funny thing is, this was the highlight of our day. hahaha And the funniest thing is that Kayleb will talk of nothing else. The "scary ride" was the best and nothing can beat it.

And here's a pic I took of baby's day highlight. Somone gave her stickers and luckily it provided HOURS of entertainment for her.

We then went and saw Minnie Mouse's House. It was adorable. She wasn't there, which was a bummer, but it was still fun. Here's a few shots of the kids during that whole thing.
And last but certainly not least, we saw the Princesses. Cinderella, Aurora, and Belle to be exact. Waiting in line wasn't too bad- it was actually pretty good. And once we got in there- oh my word. THe world must have just stopped because my kids were so entranced, they seriously didn't know what to think. It was meeting famous people who they see on tv and in movies all the time! Mia was adorable, so ran up to each one of them and gave them huge hugs. Hailey was beaming the entire time, and kayleb just liked the attention he got from girls. hehe. So here's the pics that goes along with the adventure. Kayleb and Belle obviously have a thing going......
And as we are walking out, we see Mary Poppins. And although Hailey and Kayleb knew who she was, Mia didn't and freaked out. And I think she had reason to too. Mary was kinda on the freaky side.... (????) regardless, we took a picture.
And something funny: about 98% of everyone who works in this place has an accent of some sort. They are from EVERYWHERE. Then the ONE person who's supposed to have an accent, doesn't and has to fake it! hahaha- thing is, she did an AWEFUL job of it. it was pretty funny.
After this, we let them all choose out a toy of their choice, grabbed some smores from the candy shop for me (YUM) and headed home. It seriously made for a LONG day. we did have fun, but it really could have been better.
Lesson learned..... wait until kids are older and don't have to be in a stroller or on a leash, spend more than one day there, and make sure there aren't any major bands playing the days you go. Guess we'll know for next time.....


the real ~Roxann~ said...

Despite the not so bright moments, it still seems like you had fun!!! What's up w/ Mia not wanting you to take her picture?!?! Doesn't she know you are a talented photographer?!?! Or is she just tired of you and your photography antics?!!? I think that's hilarious! (although, she's making it hard to make your WDW LO seem "magical" when she's crying in nearly every picture!!

Did you ever figure out who the band was? You said you didn't know them, but who was it?

Anonymous said...

I'm with Mia.... I hate Mary Poppins and always have!

Anonymous said...

I'm with Kayleb . . . the Haunted Mansion rocks!

Lisa Brown said...

That's a bummer about the crowd. I am laughing about the haunted mansion, becuase my kids acted just like Mia and Kayleb - since they are the same age. I never thought an older child would have a problem - sorry Hailey!!

I am also laughing that the kids really did get freaked out with the bug movie the day before. You can't say I didn't warn you, but I'm glad you had a blast regardless :).

Can't wait to talk to you about it in person.