Wednesday, December 26, 2007

I"m here.... really.

We are here in ID visiting family and it's been really fun. But here's our trip in a nutshell so far....
Arrive after a 15 hour travel day, nice rest. Wake up, baby gets flu. go on a mini vacation with fam and boy gets flu too. Oh- and not to mention hubby gets it too. Then we come home early. baby isn't sleeping, day after we get home, i get flu. nasty stuff. still can't sleep. baby won't eat or sleep well. I get over flu, but now have a massive cold. Niece gets flu too.
no one else is sick (knock on wood) Oh- and should i mention that i've lost about 5-7 pounds though? think it's good- still not sure though. lol

ALthough, we did have a fun christmas. guess it was more laid back than what it normally would have been had not some of us been so sick. oh well. things are looking up though. kids have played in snow and went sledding, built a snowman, and had fun with grandparents.

Think it will take at least a week for grandpa and grandma detox to take place once we get home though. hahaha :)

ok- just letting you know i'm still here. I'll post more and pics once i'm feeling like it. lol ;)

Hope ya'll had a Merry Christmas!


Lisa Brown said...

Sorry you were all sick, but glad you are enjoying yourselves. And when you get home, Kileen and I have have some Primary projects for you :) - I know, just what you wanted - he he!

Jen Gallacher said...

Good to know you arrived safe and sound. :)