Saturday, January 05, 2008


Ok- so we're back and safe and SO glad to be home. It was a wonderful trip, but as all vacations go- it's always nice to get home. now- my kids would disagree, they're already asking when we're going to ID next. hahaha.

So there's too much to tell in one post, so i'll break it up.

Like I said, we arrived after a LONG day of traveling. It was wonderful to get home and let the kids run loose for a while with all the new toys gramma bought them for the uber cool play room. kind of hard to tell 3 kids who've been held down all day to sleep in a play room and expect them to not play. But oh well- it ended up working out really well.

We were able to spend the day just enjoying each others company and shopping. and lucky for us, the first day we were there, it snowed! and it was a good one too- so of course the kids went outside and had to build a snowman. it was great to finally get some good snow pics! they had a blast- so it was so fun to watch.

we then went to Bear Lake where my parents have a time share to spend the weekend. Although we did have fun, that was also the time that the flu made it's appearance in 2 of the kids and the husband. so needless to say- we left a day earlier than planned. got back home on christmas eve and then I got the flu.

Christmas day came and it was fun. I was still sick so i couldn't enjoy it like i wanted, but it was still a good day. Kids enjoyed all the presents and playing with new toys all day. And of course, we had to spend the day playing games!

So here's a few pictures to show the first part of our trip. I'll be able to scrap a lot of fun things in the next while. So i'm excited about that. Stay tuned for the next part!


Lisa Brown said...

Lily keeps begging me for snow. I love the pic of Mia staring at the snowflakes :).

Amie said...

Your daughters are sooo cute! And your son is the spitten image of Daddy! (and you're a knock-out as well!)