Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Super Cool!

Ok- so I said I'd update with the rest of our vaca story, but that's gonna wait a little longer.
I wanted to show you these cool pictures i took New Years Eve of my brother. He had this package of fireworks that he wanted to shoot off (don't ask me why) but it was pretty funny. I was excited when he said he had sparklers because i had learned how to take those really cool shots of sparkler shapes. that are being made when lit. So needless to say, i got the cool shots, but because it was so stinkin cold outside, i was shivering. SOOOOOO- the shot in general is pretty cool, but my brother and the background are blurry because i couldn't stop shaking! hahahaha.
just thought you'd enjoy. I was so proud of these though- i think they turned out awesome!


Anonymous said...

Those are AWESOME!! I love how you were able to freeze time and now I have GOT to learn how to do that.

I have about eight boxes of sparklers leftover and it would be fun to get some shots of the kids with them.

Those pics turned out great, regardless if you were cold! :)

I love your layouts up there too!

Amie said...

those are really cool!!

Kayla said...

Cool pictures Amber! By the way, you're a punk! You were all the way out here and never even called! grrr...