Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Anyone Interested?

My local scrap store is closing down in April unless someone purchases it. It is so sad, but I have to face facts that my once dependance on selling some things every 6 months, has gone down the drain.
I am now stuck with a HUGE tupperware, and 3 boxes FULL of scrap supplies that have never been used that i was planning on selling, but now I don't have the opportunity.
SO... this is where you come in.

I am goign to package up all these supplies into "packets". They will all be coordinated Paper, embellishments, stickers, flowers, ribbon, etc. Either matching by color or company.
I will package them up and want to sell them for a NOMINAL cost. My point is to just get them out of my hair because frankly... i don't have the room to store it all, and i'm trying to clean house. SO.... if you are willing to pay shipping and a small price, I will send the products to you!

I have companies such as Basic Grey, Bazzill, KI Memories, SEI, Scenic Route, Cherry Arte, just to name a few. I have LOADS of prima flowers to get rid of, so there will be some in every packett. Embellishments from 7 Gypsies, Making Memories, Foofala, Heidi Swapp, Doodlebug, etc.

Each packet will be loaded with product with no less value than $25. I will sell each packet for $8 +shipping.

I will put them together, post pictures with numbers and you email me with which one you want.

Is this something you'd be interested in? If so, leave a comment and i will post all packets by the end of the week. And please, tell your friends too- the more comments I get here, the more packets I'll put together. Right now, i can easliy say that I'll have at least 30 packets to send out. And that is just with stuff that i've alreayd gone through. I will also have extras like tools and organizational items to sell that I'll post with a cost.

So spread the word... the more comments I get, the more things I'll sell!
Please leave your name and email addy in the comment so I can subscribe you to my blog feed- that way when the posts are made, it will come straight to your email and you can see it all first!


Zarah said...

Sounds interesting - definitely! Depends on the cost of shipping abroad, obviously...

Anonymous said...

I am interested and might have some friends interested. dwhite94533@yahoo.com

Anonymous said...

very interesting! sign me up.

Anonymous said...

Yeah man!! give me basic grey, heidi swapp, prima's, scenic route anyday, Also depend's on the amount of shipping!!


Anonymous said...

I am interested. Let me know if there are any cute boyish things and I will buy something. Love ya. -Elan Ebrad2ctr@juno.com

Amie said...

Ummm yah, I'm totally in!



Anonymous said...

yes interested,Can I just meet you instead of paying shipping?! R you selling some of that tupperware? eamil me at adavis191@comcast.net. thanks amber, Alisa

Anonymous said...

Count me in!
Sherry P.
You have my email address

Anonymous said...

Hey Amber- it's me, Lynn. I can't ever post unless anonymously. I don't remember how I signed in before. Anyway, I am always interested in embellishments from 7 Gypsies and Heidi. Let me know what you've got (types of things) and I might want a big ol' bag o' schtuff.

Liz said...

I'm interested of course

Anonymous said...

I'm interested and I live here. My email addy is atredman@coastalnow.net. Thanks!
Autumn R.

jinxi~ aka angi said...

Id definitely be interested!!! This is jinxi from the Nook.. my name is Angi and this is my email jinxi666@yahoo.com!!! Thank you!