Wednesday, January 30, 2008


I've put together 20 kits today! I have about 12 more to do tomorrow.
Now... i totally could have done more, but i decided to just load it all into these kits. Each kit is LOADED... seriously- they rock for the price!
So hold on to your hats..... Kits will be posted with details on friday!
Questions: If you are in the Savannah area- we can arrange to meet somewhere, you don't need to have them shipped.
I will accept check or paypal. When you email me to which one you want, include payment info.

I will post all details when it's all up. :) Remember..... send the love around- tell all your friends about this awesome deal! Cause it's first come, first served- and once they're gone, they're gone!

Thanks for the response!

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Anonymous said...

okay,Big"L" on my forehead!! My sister let me know "tupperware "meant you had a container full not also tupperware to sell!! Alisa :)