Thursday, January 31, 2008

Kits for Sale: First Come First Served

Here it is! YAY! i don't think anyone is as excited as I am to get all this stuff out of my house! And after about 5 hours of uploading all this stuff- you can finally see it. Didn't know it would take me so long to get up! sorry!
And i lied.... i said that I had enough for 30 kits and more..... i decided to shove as much as I could into the kits just to have less and guess what? I still came up with 32 kits + extras! So everyone is going to get a good stinkin deal!
Every Kit is $8. If you live outside of the Savannah area, you will pay shipping costs. Once I have your zip code, i can send the shipping price. All the extras will have separate prices on them- and I'd like to just leave those to people in Savannah, unless you REALLY want to pay the shipping.
Savannah people...... we'll arrange pick up in the email.

Find the KIT AND NUMBER of the one you want. then EMAIL me. I will make a post tomorrow night of which ones are sold and which are still available. I will try to keep it as simple as possible- first one to claim it, gets it. I'll email you back as soon as I get it confirmed that no one has claimed the kit yet.

Each kit is named and numbered. All details of what's included will be listed below each picture. If you really want to know the manufacturer of the products, let me know and i can do my best to remember. :) I will not be taking items from other kits to place them in the one you want. What you see is what you get. And honestly... they are all fabulous- so no worries!
Ok- enough with the they are!

EMAIL ME AT Put "KIT CHOICE" in the subject so I don't erase it accidentally!

Payment needs to be in check or paypal form.

KIT #1: School
Includes- 5 Cardstock, 7 patern paper,stickers,ribbon, chipboard, ancors, brads, ghost letters
KIT #2: Boy MME Pack
Includes: 11 pattern paper, ribbon, stickers, flowers, slides, chipboard, brads, clips

KIT #3: Girl MME Pack
includes: 10 Pattern paper, chipboard, buttons, brads, ribbon, flowers, wire butterflies,vellum, eyelets, clips

KIT #4: BG Stella Ruby
Includes: 10 pattern paper, letter stickers, chipboard, envelopes, flip pockets,buttons, brads, ribbon, flowers

KIT #5: BG Perhaps
Includes: 13 pattern paper, stamp, ribbon, chipboard, buttons, brads, ancors, flowers

KIT #6: BG Infuse
includes: 10 pattern paper, brads, flowers, ghost letters, ancors, wire butterflies, tile letters, stamp, tansparent frame

KIT #7:Chatterbox
Includes: 13 Pattern paper, flowers, buttons, brads, chipboard, ribbon, lil davis

KIT#8: Wedding
includes: 16 pattern paper, flowers, chipboard, brads, ancors, slide, emboss plate (sorry for the crappy pic. it's pink, black, grey, and white)

includes: 10 pattern paper, flowers, ribbon, wire flower, ancors, brads, hambly, MM tansparency book, chipboard

KIT #10: Scenic Route Rockland
includes: 22 pattern paper, flowers, chipboard, queen and co felt, ribbon, brads, journal squares

KIT #11: Scenic Route Summer
includes: 12 pattern paper, transparencies, chipboard, rubons, ribbon, ancors,bling,metal signs

KIT #12: Scenic Route Girl
includes: 7 pattern paper,iron ons,rub ons,flowers,chipboard,buttons, brads, ancors

KIT #13: Christmas Misc
includes: 10 pattern paper, 5 cardstock, ancors,ribbon, chipboard, pens, frames, stickers, card template

KIT #14: KI mix
includes: 9 pattern paper, paint, sequins, buttons, ancors, chipboard, ribbon, flowers, bling, brads

KIT #15: Fall/Halloween mix
includes: 6 cardstock, 5 pattern paper, paint, flowers, chipboard, brads, ancors, metal letters

KIT #16: Fancy Pants
includes: 4 cardstock,8 pattern paper, ribbon, vellum, buttons, eyelets, foam, brads, snaps

KIT #17: MME Bohemia
included: 8 pattern paper, brads, ribbon, chipboard, pins, flowers, snaps

KIT #18: We Are Memory Keepers
included: 12 pattern paper, 4 cardstock, buttons, pen, acrylic pieces, ribbon, flowers,brads

KIT# 19: Baby Boy
includes: 11 pattern paper, beads, chipboard,brads, stamps, rubons

KIT #20: Girl mix 1
includes: 10 pattern papers, flowers,chipboard, template, 2 cardstock, rubons, foam

KIT # 21: Amber Kit 1/Mia Line
includes: 14 pattern paper, flowers, brads,rubons,ribbon, buttons, ancors, chipboard
KIT # 22: Amber Pack / Amber Line
includes: 11 pattern paper, rubons, flowers, buttons, ribbon, chipboard, ancors\
KIT # 23: Wedding 2
included: 11 pattern paper, cihpboard, ribbon, flowers,brads,snaps, rubons
KIT #24:Boy mix
includes: 8 pattern paper,journal blocks, chipboard, ribbon, brads, buttons,ancors

Kit # 25: Bo Bunny
includes: 8 pattern paper, flowers,chipboard, ribbon, brads, ancors, buttons

KIT # 26: Girl Mix 2
includes: 11 pattern paper, rubons, buttons, flowers, ribbon, ancors,brads, chipboard
KIT # 27:Girl Pack 3
includes: 13 Pattern paper, ribbon, flowers,foam, rubons, ghost letters,chipboard, brads

KIT # 28: Girl Mix 3
includes: 8 pattern paper, chipboard, ribbon .flowers,brads,buttons, foam, frames

KIT #29: Black and White
includes: 7 pattern paper, rubons, ribbon,felt, flowers, rubons, brads, buttons

KIT # 30: Girl Modge Podge
includes: 11 pattern paper, chipboard,flowers, brads, ribbon, tin, paint, buttons

KIT # 31: Amber Pack 3/Hailey Line
includes: 13 pattern paper, chipboard,tin, flowers, brads, ribbon, paint, ancors, buttons. flip pockets

KIT # 32: MME pack 2
included: 9 pattern paper, 3 word strips, 6 tags, too many circle words to count! :)
included: 1 packet chipboard numbers, packet chipboard letters, packet Urban Lily paper, Chipboard letters, Rubons.
included: 1 of each of 4 patterns in 4 colors. 4 sets of letter punchouts to match.
KIT # 35: Workworks Mini Album Kit
included: 1 un-opened mini album kit. Book, binding, paper, stickers
KIT #36:KI Extras
Included: 2 sets chipboard letters, 2 matching stickers, 1 chipboard shapes
Included: too many stickers to count! School, letters, halloween, music, dinosaur, words, dr. + more. Rubons, summer mini album set, paper baby punch sets, acrylic tiles, bottlecaps
KIT #38: Glitter Stack
This is the packet. No paper has been removed from it. Retail price of $20. 47 sheets.

Here are the extras: Prices are included next to the item. I'd prefer these items to go to people here in Savannah. Buy one or buy all.

Jars: $1 each

Quickutz Purple Sqeeze Handle and Rest: $10 (just got this last year and used it twice.)

Organizer. $8
I've had this for 2 years and LOVED it. I just have no need for it anymore. It is 12.5 in long- plenty long and wide to hold paper and 3 drawers for embellishments. This was originally purchased off of QVC.

12 x 12 Wedding album (never opened) $5; black 8 x 8 album $4; green SEI 8 x 8 album $2; 8 x 8 wedding album $10 (never opened- retail $24); SEI 11 x 8.5 $3

If you want them, you can have them. let me know and I can throw one or two in each box. FREE!!!!

There you have it. All my goods are listed and open for anyone. You can take one or as many as you want. i can't guarantee that they will be spoken for before you or not. So email me and we'll figure it out. I'll make a post tomorrow about the ones that are sold and still available. Happy bargaining!


Zarah said...

Wow... I LOVE the sei one but I'm afraid shipping will ruin me, unfortunately. :(

the real ~Roxann~ said...

Well...I sent my email already about 20 minutes ago!!

Anonymous said...

wowzer! some awesome stuff there lady! I emailed you :)

jinxi~ aka angi said...

Amber, I sent you two emails, the first I need you to scratch.. You are a real sweetie to do this, I know it was a lot of work!!! Thank you! :)