Saturday, March 01, 2008

Good News All around!


Sorry i haven't posted until today, but things have been crazy. Let me give you a low down of the past week so you can truly appreciate all the good news I have to share!

1) We all had strep 2 weeks ago. It was nasty and NOT fun.

2) We all went through our 2nd bout of the flu just this past week. again... double not fun.

I guess those are the 2 main things. hahahah

anyway- so here it goes.

Thursday was just one of those GOOD days. one of those days that God gives you to make you realize how much you have to be greatful for and appareciate the little things.

Here's the GOOD things that happened on Thursday alone.

1) We were finally all healthy!!! YAY!

2) My good friend had her little baby girl!

3) The Sun was shining and it was relatively warm out.

4) Rick was able to come to the ultrasound and spend a couple hours with me. :)

5) We found out what we're having!!! *wink wink*

6) I GOT A JOB!!!!

Ok- So we WERE all healthy, until Hailey wanted to throw up again last night and Mia wanted to get yet another cough going. OY... i swear... it just never ends. But luckily Hailey is feeling better today, so we'll just see how long it lasts.

My good friend who had a baby is at home and doing well, I haven't seen her little girl yet, but 'm sure she's just adorable.

We needed a good day of sun, it's been cold and cloudy too much lately!

Rick hasn't been able to come to any Dr. apt's with me since Hailey, so having him there with me this time was special. I loved that he was able to be there. It actually worked out well with him being able to help with Mia, cause she was sort of a monster and i wouldn't have been able to help her.

As many of you know, Jamie is closing our beloved Savannah Scrapbooking. It is so sad and I know I'll miss all the FUN FUN times we had there. Luckily we've all made really good friendships and plan on croppin' together still and having a blast! But come to find out there is another scrap store being put together right now here in Savannah. It's called A Scrapbook Boutique. It's on Montgomery Cross Roads and will open the end of April. Now, I know that I for one am excited that we scrappers of Savannah don't have to worry about not getting our "fix" in now. :) And lucky for me, Linda (the new owner) Has hired me on to work PT and teach her classes! Comes at a good time, so I'm very excited.

and Here's what you've all been waiting for! isn't this little thing adorable?! I love ultrasound pictures. i think it's absolutely amazing that i can live in a time that this technology is available for us to use to help us know that our child is healthy and growing and there aren't any complications. Introducing.........

BABY BOY!!!!!!

As if it couldn't be more obvious! hahahahahahahaha
We are Very excited at adding another little boy to the family. And before any of you ask... NO- we don't have ANY names chosen and probably won't until the last minute.

*Note to Jen....... I asked my kids what we should name him and the VERY FIRST name they said.... Joey. It took a lot for me to just not cry right then and there. smooches :) **

Things are good. I'm measuring right on- which for me is ODD considering that my kids have all been small. But he's growing right on schedule and due date hasnt' changed. He was very cooperative during the ultrasound.. so i'm hoping that's a sign of good things to come! But he is now 1 lb, which means i HAD to have gained at least that this time around. My apt is this coming up wednesday, so i'll be able to know the damage then. ;)-

SO there ya go. Now that you know.... the winner for the half way there contest is......


congrats! luckily for me... I'll see you in church tomorrow, so I can just hand it off :)-

Thanks to all you ladies for the wonderful comments. I appreciate the support and well wishing! Make sure to Have a good day and to count the little blessings in your life as well!


AMANDA said...

YAY!! Congrats my love....I'm so excited for you!! :)

Stephanie said...

Hey Amber,
It's me, Stephanie Little. I am so sorry to hear how sick you guys have all been there! I think we have a little case of the cold starting up here. Or it might just be allergies.
Anyway, I just wanted to make sure if you mailed out the kits that I bought. I don't mean to be a pest, but our mailcarriers here aren't the best and I like to know when a package is coming so I can watch out for it. Would you mind emailing me when you send it out so I can keep an eye on it? Thanks alot! :)
Congrats on the baby boy. We have 2 girls and 2 boys too. :)

Zarah said...

I knew it! Congrats, sweetie!

Amie said...

what a great update! How exciting! (Hey, I see my friend Stephanie commented on your blog! Do you know each other or did she find you thru me?) =)

Nicole Martel said...

lol, well thats definately a baby boy!! lol congrats!

Unknown said...

That is fabby news, I love seeing ulrasound photos!
Glad all is going so well for you (((hugs)))
And I said it would be a boy!

jinxi~ aka angi said...

omgosh... Im cryin'... so happy for you... a baby boy... so sweet!!!

Glad you all are feeling better too!

Anonymous said...

yay! Now you guys have to live close so charlie and "he who has yet to be named" can play together! Yah right . . . I'm sure you're so ready to get out of the south!

Jen Gallacher said...

Oh, Amber! Tell your sweet kids how much that meant to me. He would have loved them thinking of him. Congrats on the new little man about to enter your life. Love this every other baby thing you've got going on. Way to go! :) Oh, and woohoo on the new sb store!

Tam said...
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Tam said...

I am a friend of Rox and I lurk. I love to see what you are creating! Congrats on the Job but mostly Congrats on the Little BOY! O how wonderful and blessed you are for these children!!! I love the songram pictures and hey if you start his scrapbook..I would love to see what you do with the Songrams!!!!

Melissa said...

Yeah! Congratulations. I'm sure kayleb is excited to have a little brother soon.

Lisa Brown said...

Yea! I am the winner!! How totally exciting :). Withus all being sick too, today was the first day I got on the computer. And hey, one more thing to add to your list of good things - getting released :). Fun times! We will talk soon!

Jenna said...

Oh my, an adorable baby boy!! That is so exciting, I definitely think you should let your kids name him... :)