Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Happy Birthday to Me!!!

Ok- so yesterday was my bday. I'm not a huge bday person. As long as my husband tells me happy bday and lets me go shopping for things that i want... i'm a happy camper!

So true to form, i did just that.

Got some nice dinner, ate after the kids went to bed so it was just the two of us. Rick let me go shopping by myself while he puts the kids to bed. He was so nice!

So i got some new jeans, a couple shirts, and this wonderulf bag! It's huge. It's perfect for traveling and/or crops and such. I got this bag, but it's in the swatch pattern below it. isn't it cute? My wonderful Amy Butler bag!!!
So all in all, it was a good day. kids are currently on the mend (knock on wood) and now I get to plan for something REALLY exciting.
Exciting news:
My wonderful friend Roxy travels around the country with a scrap store based out of FL. so goes to all the Creating Keepsakes Conventions and Scrapbook Expo conventions. Well.... certain circumstances lead to Roxy asking me to join her and Kim (the owner) "hired" me on to help out! I now get to ditch out on life next weekend and fly to California to run this booth and teach a class! I am so stinkin excited. And being that Rick is taking off tomorrow for the weekend, it will be a nice break for me too :)
If I do an OK job and Kim ends up liking me, I may be able to go to more of these shows. Which would be awesome! So YAY!!!! love you Foxy!
Oh......and i was able to finally get my cutie patootie glasses today! Thanks to my darling Charlotte.....i now look sexy instead of nerdy. hahahahaha I'll take a pic later with them on me- cause i absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE them.
And a bit of SAD news. Up until this point in the pregnancy, I haven't gained a thing. I lost weight in the beginning, so it was nice. So today was the apt. and i freakin gained 4.5 lbs!!! Still puts me back at my starting point, so i still technically haven't gained anything, but it was a lot for me in one month. But then again.... i went from not showing- to having a nice size belly all in that one month too! hahaha Oh well. all that matters is that little dude is healthy and growing.
Happy days :)


Anonymous said...

wait, you bought new glasses without MY help? like 'charlotte' is better than me.

{Jason and Elan} said...

Happy Birthday! It sounds like it was a good one. I would want to do the same thing, eat a yummy dinner and go shopping for me. Cute bag by the way!

Melissa said...

Wow! Have fun in California. What a fun opportunity and I'm SURE she'll like you. And show use pics of your new glasses! I want to see.

Zarah said...

Happy belated, babe!!
The bag is sooooo dang cute - you have to model it! *nodnod*
Come on, now. Show us. Put on the sexy glasses and pick up the bag - we wanna see! :D

Anonymous said...

I cannot wait to see how flippin cute you look in your new specs!!!
And that bag is to die for! LOVE IT.

Amie said...

I wish I'd paid attention and known you were having a birthday...I would have so sent you a card!

Happy day to you...looks like you got some good stuff!

Keep that littlie healthy!

Laura S. said...

cute cute cute bag!

Jen Gallacher said...

I'm sorry that I missed your b-day. I hope it was wonderful!! :)