Friday, March 07, 2008


I know I know... i've been tagged A LOT. I'm just not a big "tagger" i guess. I mean... i feel I explain things of my life and how I am in my regular posts... so I don't need to bore anyone with random tidbits of me. Until now. :)
I got tagged by Foxy and even though it's random...... i feel like i have nothing to blog about lately, so this is taking control for the moment. So here we go.....

7 Random Things about Me:

1) I'm not a patient person. Surprise surprise (mom- you can't say a word!). Yah.... self proclaimed non-patience. I can't stand when drivers go under the speed limit, when people don't know how to use a 4-way stop, when my daughter can't remember a simple 3 letter word she's known for months, when my baby throws all her food on the floor instead of eating it...... yah. I work REALLY hard to get this under control. :)-

2) I want my own business one day. Again... surprise! Haven't decided if it will be my own scrap store or starting of my own manufacturing company.... but it WILL happen. I've gotten too deep in this industry and am in love with it too much to not want to continue in it. My problem is that I want to be in charge...... I want to try things my way.

3) I hate cooking. If we could just eat out and have cereal every day of the week... i'd be cool with it. Now granted, we do eat out more than we should, and my kids favorite thing in the world is cereal- but how can i expect them to grow and be nourished on fast food and artificial goodness? I do cook- don't get me wrong..... just not as much as i probably should.

4) I'm not a self motivator. Um... how am I going to start my own business if I can't get my butt in gear by myself huh? well.... for MOST things, i can't motivate myself. The dishes go undone, the laundry gets neglected until we have nothing to wear, and i DON'T excercise. My butt likes to be planted on the couch reading, on my desk chair while i scrap, or sitting on the floor playing with the kids. Something i definitely need to change.

5) I want to be a photographer when i grow up. You heard it right here. The person who hated school and only passed by doing as minimum amount of work as possible... would die to go back to school to learn photography. When will it happen? um.... hopefully as soon as we can figure out when to stop having kids.....hahahahaha ;) OR... hubby gets a job at a university and i get free classes. whichever comes first.

6) I love throwing/planning parties. My husband used to hate it when we'd have people over, because it was like 5 out of the 7 days of the week. He got used to the fact that I'm a social butterfly and NEED adult interaction. I've calmed down a lot, but man.... nothing makes me more happy than planning and throwing a good shindig!

7) I'm an organizational freak. (thanks to the momma) We joke around that my mom has CCD (compulsive cleaning disorder) because not only were we expected to do our chores everyday/week, but we had extra chores lined up like scrubbing baseboards with toothbrushes, deep cleaning blinds, washing walls, organizing the garage, etc. Back then.. it was just plain annoying. Everything had a place and if we put it in the wrong place, we were quickly reminded. Mom would always go through our rooms (whether we liked it or not) to organize and clean often. (remember all thsoe closet raids mom? :) Now... holy schmoly. Am i glad i had to do that crap!!! I've come up with the term for me and that it COCD (compulsive organization and cleaning disorder). My house MUST look clean if anything and to have things out of place drives me insane. Luckily for me.... Rick agrees and helps out every time I need to go through a closet or deep clean the kitchen. A lot of times it's initiated by him as well. Guess that's why we get along so well huh? but looks CAN be decieving. I have so many people that walk into my house and go "How on earth do you keep your house so clean?" Well.... all things are picked up constantly... and it's not like you know whether i just stuff everything behind the couch or throw it into another room to save for later now do ya? ;)-

Ok- so.... hope i didn't bore you too much. Aren't you glad you stop by to read such things about my fascinating life? ;)

I need to tag 7 people now...... but i think i'm going to cheat and just do a few.



the real ~Roxann~ said...

Heh heh...I enjoyed the random facts!! :)

janet said...

Hi cousin Amber! I just came across your blog from Lindy's. so fun to see pictures of you and your family. And congrats on #4.. and a boy at that! exciting! I have an up and running blog, but it's private.. so send me your email address at and I will send you an invite! Tell Rick hello.. and Kyler and Kameron's wives are bloggers too. their links are and

great to get an update from you!