Monday, April 14, 2008

Fancy Pants Projects

Here are 3 more projects I've come up with in the past couple days. The first one is a littel Kaiser wood album. Really simple, but I love how it turned out. The second is my next attempt at "scrapping off the page". I'm totally loving it right now and i can see myself EASILY doing more of these. And because i'm so addicted- I've already put a class together to teach this month!!! lol the last one is just a plain LO- cute, and i'm in love with that clear robot! I'm trying my hardest to get these assignments done- i have to send these, the prima ones i showed earlier, AND about 2-3 more off tomorrow morning! I'll post more once i get them done. Then once those are completed.... onto other projects! Love all the scrapping i'm getting done though- feels good to get so many pictures "out of the way".
Too bad that the downside to this whole thing is that my house is being neglected. I totally should have taken a before and after pic of my bathroom today. I decided that I'd be more productive and scrub the sucker til it shined. Well... 3.5 hours later....... it's shining all right- but i darned near killed myself in the process! hahahaaha- Rick will be cleaning the bathrooms from now on. ;)-


Jen Gallacher said...

Your skills are just amazing, girlie! I love watching you tackle cool projects like this. :)

Anonymous said...

yummy yummy stuff! you rock chica!

Rita S. said...

Hi Amber - clicked the link from Upsy Daisy - congrats on that DT spot! Wanted to comment that I love your work and that particular line of Fancy Pants is so grungy boy - just love it!
I totally agree about how much fun product is you normally would not buy yourself - it totally makes ya think outside the box and play - and often the results are my faves!
Will be checking back to see what else you are cooking up - love your blog banner btw! I have no idea how to adjust the template to get mine that large -it makes an impact.

Amie said...

your layouts are amazing!! great work Amber! PS, how's the house hunt going? We're looking Queen Creek right now too.