Saturday, April 12, 2008

Pregnancy Funny

When you get pregnant, you usually want to read up and sign up for just about everything regarding pregnancy and new baby. Of course... i'm one of them as well. I go online and search for the best sites and sign up for newsletters and want to find out every little bit of development that goes on at each point of the pregnancy.
I typically save the good sites and use them with each pregnancy. (because you know.. in my head, i KNOW i'm having more kids.... lol)

so.... when i found out I was prego with this kid, (back in November) I went on the search again and ended up finding a site I had previously signed up for in the past. You go in to enter in your information to find out the due date. Well... when i logged on, my "information" from my last pregnancy popped up, because I hadn't updated it since Mia. I ended up copying and pasting the information because it was so stinkin funny. So... here's the info that was given to me upon logging in the first time to this particular site:

Today is Monday November 12th 2007.
You conceived on Thursday April 28th 2005 and your due date is Thursday January 19th 2006.
928 days have passed since the conception,and you are 662 days past your due date.
You are
134 weeks into your pregnancy,and you are 94 weeks past your due date
You are in the
3rd trimester.
349% of your pregnancy has passed, there is -249% left to go.

How funny is this? Think I may be in trouble if this were acutally the case. And believe me... if this were all true, i would NEVER have kids ever again. :)


lacintha said...

Lol...well that just made me giggle here..hope you're feeling pun intended! ;)

Jen Gallacher said...

Whoa! You really need to have that baby. :)

Anonymous said...

funny stuff!
you'd be on bed rest for sure. LOL

Lisa Brown said...

Thank goodness we aren't elephants - they are pregnant for 2 years :).

And hey, how are you? I feel like it has been ages since I talked to you last.

Amie said...

LOL! that's funny!