Thursday, May 29, 2008

The "Corruption"

and this would be how the husband put it. hahahahaha
You see, i obviously scrap a lot right? well- Hailey sees me doing it all the time and asks if she can "work" with me. usually i don't let her for fear of the other kids wanting in on the mess and I'm too lazy to pick up after them. (lame... i know)
but the other day, she comes in and says "mom, can i scrapbook too?"
my heart melted. I was so proud. lol
So of course i jumped out of my seat, grabbed some scrap paper, glue, stickers, and some pics and set her up on the table. i handed her a blank piece of paper and she then says "mom, what am i suppsed to do?"
i had to laugh.
so i showed her how to put a page together and that it was up to her to do anything she wanted. I left the room and came back to find this.

totally cute right? and she was so proud of herself when she completed it. she was showing it off and we had to put it in her scrapbook right after as well. Now she won't stop asking to scrapbook! I'm making up a little box of things that she can just pull out when she wants to do a page. I've also given her a little album to fill for herself. She showed dad her first scrapbook page and his first comment was "you've corrupted her". lol- well.....i say it's about freakin time! :)

and here it is in all it's glory- Hailey's frist scrapbook page ever. adorable yes?

One more thing for you scrappers out there looking for a good deal. Remember when I posted a bunch of packets for sale on my blog? Good news! No- it's not me selling them this time, but close. lol
My good friend Jamie- who used to own a scrapbook store here in town, has put up TONS of packets on her blog. if you want some good stuff for cheap- head over there to get in on the action. This woman has seriously got the buttload of product- so it's all adorable stuff. GO CHECK IT OUT HERE!


the real ~Roxann~ said...

This is the cutest dang thing!!!! She's fabulous!!

Jen Gallacher said...

You tell Hailey, that I think she's an AMAZING scrapbooker. :)

Anonymous said...

Now come freakin' cute is this! E's in a big scrappin' phase of life right now too...burnin' through my supplies like crazy...grrrrrr. ;)

Joy for Health said...

That's the cutest thing ever!! How great it is that your little girl is scrapping now too! And she is doing it so well!