Wednesday, May 28, 2008


The heavens opened and decided that NOW was FINALLY the time for us to be done.
what am I talking about? Well.. most of you know that Rick has been in school for a (ahem) long time. well folks, the end is here. TODAY marks his final day of school! WOOOOHHOOOOOOO!
That's right. As of 4:30 pm this afternoon, he will be officially done with schooling and this time in 2 days, he'll have his MFA degree! How exciting is this?
well.... Let's recap here:
1) Rick and I have been married for 7 years. Out of those 7 years, he's been a student. Yah.
2) We met in college, which meant he had been in school prior to us getting married. Yah.
3) We have a grand total of 9 years in school.
4) Out of those 9 years, the only "breaks" he's gotten has been Spring break, christmas break, and 2 months one summer to work for his dad before moving to Savannah. Count that.
5) He's been in school NON-STOP for 4.5 years. seriously.

so are we a little excited? um.... YES!
Now for a little "bad" news. He has 5 interviews on MOnday morning. yes- 5! very excited about them. If he gets one of these positions- guess what that means? Yup... more schooling. why you ask? well- they are teaching positions. And even though he has his MFA, that's not exactly a teaching certificate. So he'd have to go back to school to get that sucker. Not too excited about that one. However, guidelines give him up to 3 years to complete it even though he'd be teaching already. So i guess it won't be so bad. just thought that the whole school thing would REALLY be over. oh well.... we'd totally do it if it meant a job and a salary WITH BENEFITS! :)

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Victoria said...

Wow! You guys are amazing to go through 7 years of school. Congratulations. So, where are the 5 interviews?? Can't wait to hear where you end up.

Alisa said...

I'm happy for all of you. Btw are you going with him out of town? Take your medical records with you if you are. Just to be safe!! have fun...alisa

the real ~Roxann~ said...

Congratulations to Rick!!! (and for his 5 supporters at home~)

Lisa Brown said...

Congrats!! I hope everything works out with a job soon, even if it ends up meaning more school :).