Saturday, May 24, 2008


So in the process of wanting to re-do my living room walls, I need updated pics of the kids. And where does that lead us? PHOTOSHOOT!!! yah- first saturday i haven't had to work, so we went first thing this morning over to the Botanical Gardens. It was a fun outing- but OH MY WORD. There's seriously nothign more frustrating to a photographer who has uncooperative children to photograph. Out of the 100 pictures I took, 1 of each kid turned out. yah.

how about it was either the look of death or the look that says "do you really have to put me through this mom?"

needless to say- i did get some good ones and glad that we went. And I can't tell you how inspired I am by nature. Whenever I see a cool tree or a pretty flower, I always want to take a picture. So of course, going to a Botanical Garden, i HAVE to take pics of the flowers. So i've included a few pictures of what i just HAD to capture. ;)

And I don't know why- but i just love this picture. There's something that's just so innocent and precious about them.

And of course- in true fashion, rick came to the "rescue" to try and get a decent pic of the kids together as well. I never got a shot of all of them together, with all of them looking AT the camera AND smiling. upsets me. So here's the ONE shot of the day that they happened to all look at the camera AND smile at the same time. And of course, my "lessons" to Rick didn't come into play- beacuse as you can see, the kids are blury and the frame is totally not filled. So can I use this? um... nope. gggggrrrrrrr. :)

Now that you have all that visual excitement....... I have to tell you about the YUMMIEST blog. I mean... doesn't this just look so devine?!?!?!
can't remember where i found it, but if you are in the market for what looks like the most delicios cupcakes in the world, check this out. This lady spends A LOT of time making up her own recipes for cupcakes and frosting and then posts all her recipes on her blog. The seriously all look DIVINE! So for all you homemakers out there wanting a good recipe, I'm pretty sure you'll be able to find one on her blog that will suit your needs. I'm DYING to try one. Think i'll make some tonight for the heck of it!


Zarah said...

Gorgeous photos!!
Hey - just crop Rick's photo slightly and adjust the balance to bring out their faces ad you're good to go! Sometimes the perfect photo is the one with a nice memory or three smiling kids, rather than the one with perfect technique - yyou know that (I've seen you say it! *smiles*)

Plus - I think it's very cute even the way it is! :D

Glad you had a great day - I can totally see those stunning photos on canvas - on your walls! :D

Anonymous said...

There's also some pretty venues over at the AASU campus if you wanna try some retakes. Pretty flowers, benches, etc... But I'm guessing after this day, they're probably gonna have to be bribed pretty good to go back and do it again huh? ;)

Jen Gallacher said...

What fun! I need a photo shoot day. :) Oh, and now I'm totally starving. (And did Rick take some photos of you or what?) Why is photography so difficult for our SCAD attending boys? Why I ask you??

Lisa Brown said...

Taking pictures of my own kids is always the most frustrating thing ever. I had to laugh when I saw Rick's picture of the kids, because that is so Kevin - he he!