Saturday, May 17, 2008

Fun times all around

So remember that story I told a little while ago about going to Mohawk lake and little girl getting bitten by fire ants?

well.... that incident has scarred her for life. literally.

anytime we go ANYWHERE- if she sees a pile of dirt or a mud puddle or a large area of sand.... she freaks out and says "ANTS! They scares me" hahah- and although it's adorable, it's sad how she remembers something like that enough to be scared to death.

SOOOO..... this morning we were up bright and early and decided to go play soccer with the kids before it got too hot. (and just to mention... no- i didn't not play with them. ;)- )

We got to the soccer field and let the kids run loose. Well- it rained a lot yesterday and last night, so there were a few mud patches. And of course.. little miss FREAKED when she saw them.

so i captured a couple of faces in such cases where she was retreating and coming to me to save her from the "ants". cute right?

And then here are a few shots from the "game". they had a fun time- and then we have the team photo. :)

And the winner for the photo of the day goes to the Kaylebmeister. He just HAD to do a 'victory" pose when he made a goal. Freakin hilarious. I love this kid.

like i said- it was a fun morning.

Then i got to treck to work- for what was the last day for me (sad- i know.. i just can't do it anymore)- and i took my computer to fiddle around with some pics that I took. My plan is to completely re-decorate my living room when we move. I have everything I need. I wasn't planning on doing it until we moved, but plannin in being here for the summer- i'm too ancy to NOT do it now. So i'm working on a few things to get that all in to place. I plan on blowing up a few pics i've taken from various places and framing them to hang up. But i saw this way cool technique used from someone on Etsy- so I had to try myself. Here's what I've come up with so far- what do you think of them?

If you like them THAT much.... i'm willing to sell them to ya. ;)- hahahahaha

NOTE: thanks for all the kind words and advice based on last entry. It was totally a hormonal day- and heaven knows I've reached "monster" point and I tend to be a little more harsh and not-so-kind. So be aware that I'm TRYING to be nice! :)

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Jen Gallacher said...

Oh wow! What a great technique. :)