Wednesday, May 14, 2008

I'm seriously CURSED.

I swear... what is it with either getting screwed over by a refferal or by the Dr. themselves with me? Either I must smell terrible (which seriously shouldn't be the case since i showered this morning-lol) , or they just think i'm plain stupid and don't care.


When i'm prego- i get a midwife. I had a dr. with my first kid and it wasn't a HORRIBLE experience, but there was def. a lack of personalization there. Which is why with #2, i went with a midwife and coulnd't have been happier with the experience. Then it was time for #3 and again- went with the midwife. LOVED it. pleased with almost the entire experience. (for some odd reason unbenounced to me, she couldn't deliver me and i ended up having a dr. i've never met deliver. ugh)
so that led me to #4. When i got prego, i automatically knew who i would go to. The same midwife I had with #3. Well- i call to make the apt. and she no longer works there. She works full time at the hospital now. So they ask if i want a different dr. or to just see the PA. well- I figure, PA.... that will be interesting. So they hook me up with the apt. I've been to the office before, I know how they work, and I've never had problems with it. i was comfortable and I knew where it was and technically know all the nurses anyway- so why switch right?
i show up for my first apt. and i enter the room and they say- well the PA is swamped today, so you're going to see the dr. that's over her. It'd be nice to meet her regardless. So I say ok. Never had a girl DOCTOR before. should be interesting. she walks in and was pleasant enough. did the apt. sat down and talked with her- seemed nice enough, but i could tell that she was "one of those Dr.'s" that really didn't care.

down here in the south- if you have more than 2 kids... you're gonna get looks. seriously. When iw as prego with #3 and I'd walk in the supermarket, yah.... got looks ALL the time. When i went in for apt's at the dr.- there would be comments like "#3 already huh? wow... and you're only 24. don't know how you do it."
well.... whatever. so needless to say- when you get prego with #4 and walk into the supermarket with the 3 others... you're gonna get looks. And once again- you go to the Dr. and for some reaosn, people can't fathom that i actually WANT children and the fact that i'm 26 and on my 4th doesn't bother me.... well- lets' just say that I think people should keep the comments to themselves.

So- aside from my Dr.'s "assumptions"..... she pretty much doesn't care. period. From that very apt.- i've only seen her. every time. She'll walk in, (without saying HI or How are you), do her thing, then hand me the piece of paper that says what was done and when to see her next. Because we all KNOW that it only matters that she gets paid for what she's "DOING". whatever.
So we continue on...... still have not liked her, but too lazy to really go out and find another dr and switch insurance and whatnot. so I stay and deal with it.
Then it comes to the apt. i had about a month ago and for ONCE- she finally stays in the room for an uncalculated minute- but it was only to ask if I was thinking of getting my tubes tied.

EXCUSE ME?!?!?!?!??!!

i was dumbfounded. If i wouldn't have been charged with aggrivated assult- i would have slapped her silly or sat on her or something. lol- she seriously asked me that! well- i pretty much said NO WAY and seh proceeded to "inform" me that if it were a possibility that i'd have to file paperwork 30 days prior to the due date to even have the procedure done.

well thanks for the USELESS information lady. THE NERVE.

and then once again- i have my apt. today and she walks in- does her thing, proceeds to tell me the exact same lecture she's given me for the past 4 months about weight and eating right and blah blah blah.. (because i haven't been prego before and have no clue how to do anything) and then walks out of the room.

No presonalization. She has no clue that she's told me the same thing like 10 gazillion times. She has no clue that I have feelings or care about this child or whatever. All she knows is that I'm 26, on my 4th kid, and that I"m not goign to get my tubes tied.

why on earth would i want someone like that taking part in one of the most important days of my life? not that i really have a choice at this point- but still!

so like i said... i'm cursed. might as well get used to it. Either that- or maybe one day... i'll finally get the nerve to actually take action at the first sign of not liking something. Heaven forbid i try a NEW place or a NEW person for helping me with my health right? *sigh*

rant over. hahahahahaahaha :)-


Anonymous said...

Does your doctor's last name being with the letter G?

lindy said...

WOW! That Doc.Needs to be nicer! I think you and Rick are amazing for making sacrifices to have a family. The flower story made me laugh. Glad you finly got a PRETTY bouquet. Love you guys!!

Jen Gallacher said...

I had that same doctor. :) I can tell. She was great in the delivery room, but she was really pushing the tubes being tied thing. Like "no" didn't mean "no" or something. I'm sorry to hear she's been so impersonal to you. :(

Amie said... need to find an LDS doc!! Good luck!

Anonymous said...

She asked you if you were getting your tubes tied?! That is insane. You only have 4 kids. That is just crazy and rude. Funny though, not all Southern docs are like that. At my last OB checkup my doc was like, "Are you itching for another one?" I was like, uh, NO. Maybe he just wants the money--hee hee! I suddenly feel the need to quote "Juno": "Doctors are sadists who like to play God and watch lesser people scream."

the"divine"hand said...

How awful of a thing to be going through with your pregnancy!!!

I would so try to gather up enough strength to find another.

The doc that I had for both of my little ones was lovely. She had concern for everything. That is the way it should be. Don't settle!