Thursday, May 01, 2008

Information you COULD do without... but won't!

yup..... useless information that I am yet again going to share. But don't worry- it's cute stuff. :)
First off, Hailey comes walkin in my room this morning and says "mom- i don't feel good". Ok... one- this girl ALWAYS feels good. she's never sick. two- there is nothing on this earth that that girl will do to get out of school. she loves it way too much. three- she hasn't missed a single day of school this year due to sickness.
so i knew it was serious enough that she mentioned it. we've all had this cough/ blah-ness going on in the family for the past week or so, but it just hit her mostly today. So she asked to stay home from school. I let her, and the first thing she asked to do was her homework. hahahahah- see.... she loves it too much.

then she asks "mom- can i write grandma a note?" so i gave her some paper and a pencil and she sits at the table and starts writing.

then i hear "mom- how do you spell LOVE?" "mom, how do you spell GRANDMA?" "mom, how do you spell POCATELLO" "mom, how do you spell GRANDPA?"

i'm laughing, but spell them out for her and then she brings her note to me and shows me. this is the note that we sent to grandma and grandpa via email this evening. isn't it just cute? she seriously cracks me up.

Now... it will be Rick and I's 7th anniversary this coming Sunday. WOOOHOOO!!! not that we have anything big planned nor ever have, but it's a holiday none-the-less. Plus, it's yet another excuse to spend money on something we want instead of need! (like my philosophy on that?!)

So here will be our anniversary gift to each other. Ordered it today... should be here by end of next week. For once, i will FINALLY have the bed I've always wanted. now I just need the this bed to go with it. lol pretty huh? and yes... it comes with ALL those pillows and everything. it's a HUGE set!

So there ya go. Oh- and thanks for all the fabric advice- I think i've found what I wanted!!! can't wait to put it all together and show ya'll!!


Lisa said...

7 years, I can't believe we are that old. I am just shocked. Congrats on the upcoming addition. Good luck!

the real ~Roxann~ said...

Happy Anniversary Rick and Amber!!!!

Love the bed set...very nice. And where is that bed from? It's beautiful!


Jen Gallacher said...

We used to get new bedding on Valentine's Day. I loved that tradition! :)

Tam said...

Happy Anniversary!

That is going to be so beautiful all put together! You will just have to take pictures for everyone to SEE!

Amie said...

Such a darling little note from your daughter! And that bedding set is gorgeous! You deserve it!

Lisa Brown said...

Happy Anniversary! I meant to find you today and tell you in person, but I got distracted. I still think it is hilarious we got married on the exact same day at the same temple!! Too fun!

And don't ever apologize for sharing cute stories about your kids - those are always my fav posts, as they are adorable :).