Thursday, October 02, 2008

change that....

took the tub in to the dr today..... i was wrong on his weight. instead of being 13 lbs... he's just shy of 14lbs!!!
that means the kid has gained over a pound in a little over a week.

i swear i'm not feeding this kid steroids or drugs. :0)-


Anonymous said...

I tried to call you the other day? DId you get your number changed? And if you did, did you not tell me b/c you don't like me anymore. Should my feelings be hurt?
He is a tub. But still a cutie.

The Mrs. said...

Amber, I sent you an email to 2 different addresses.... If you didn't get one, could you please send me your current email?

We love you guys. I hope you are in good spirits.

As for the last comment, what kind of weenie asks if her feelings should be hurt?


PS: Yes, I realize I'm just as tactful as ever... ;-)

Anonymous said...

LOL! Idaho must agree with him!