Friday, October 24, 2008

Fun Times

I had to share a fun day we had last week. It was ISU's homecoming week and because of that- they had a parade. I totally got the coolest pics... but somehow they aren't on my computer. I think it ate them... and if thats the case.... i'll be pretty upset. I"ll find them and post them. BUT... later that day- we found this little corn maze/farm/pumpkin patch place for kids- it was th ebest thing ever i swear. We went with Ricks 2 sisters and their kids. Now- we got there and first thing was to go through the maze. It was explained to us thatit was meant for kids. There were questions posted at every "crossroad" and one answer pointed one way and one answer pointed the other way. if you answered wrong- it obviously led you to a dead end or in a circle. Well.... my lil' sis came with us and took off with the girls- and that left me, and my 2 sis-in- laws with the boys.
Now just imagine this.... my sis, and the others- totally found their way out in like no time. And for some reason- every question we came to, we answered WRONG! and not intentionally either. :)- so we ended up literally lost in this thing. I was dying of laughter. i seriously thought it was the funniest thing ever. Here are 3 adults lost in a little kid corn maze. seriously funny. anyway- we finally managed to get to the half way point about 45 minutes later. HAHAHA.
my 2 sis-in-laws were so mad- they left. i decided that it was too funny to end it yet, so my sis and the girls came in and decided to lead me the rest of the way. about 20 minutes later, we finally got through it... ALIVE. Just thinking about this still makes me laugh at how funny this whole thing was. I want to go again just to see if i can do it right this time. I wish I would have had my video camera with me- would have been great to look back at. But that's why i had my camera with me.
here are a few pics from the day.
Ok- so there were these animals there and the kids have really never seen farm animals before- and it was so funny. I pulled the funniest ones to show you. First- we have Mia seeing the pigs for the first time. And just look at her face- she's making the "oink" noise with the pigs.
then we have Kayleb discovering that the horse would eat things. he grabbed a branck of some sort and look at his face when he saw the horse take it and eat it. Classic.
ok- so theres' a few. I'll post more later!


Lisa Brown said...

I love corn mazes :). That is a hilarious story, and I can totally see you lost, especially since that has happened to me before.

Anonymous said...

Oh that's SO funny! I'm kinda scared of the whole corn maze thing...I think it goes back to watching Children of the Corn too many times as a teen. EEK!

Anonymous said...

That story made me laugh. It reminded me of betting lost the only time I ever went in a mirror maze. I thought it was so funny and the booth worker was so annoyed and was pointing to the way out so he could hurry and let the next person in. I still couldn't find the right way out and that made me laugh even harder.


Zarah said...

LOVE the photos!! :D

Ps. You've been tagged. Check my blog. :)

Christensen Family said...

Oh your kids are so cute! Wow! 4 kids. I'm glad that we are able to catch up with each other now. Are in back in Idaho? If so let's get together some time.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I agree I've seen Children of Corn about 100 times and tend to stay away from corn fields-- but it makes for nices pics, huh?
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