Saturday, November 01, 2008


What is that? NaBloPoMo my friends is the abreviated version of what is known as National Blog Posting Month. Yah. hilarious- i know. It's a funny word- one of those words that gets stuck in your head and won't leave. lol
anyway- because of this NaBloPoMo..... the goal is to do a post on your blog every day for an entire month. Doesn't sound hard right? Well i've never done it before, so i wouldn't know. Hence the reason I"m gonna give it a shot. Yes 'tis true.... you will get to hear from me every single day this month. And it will happen barring any major catastrophe. :)-
So what do I have to say today... well it was Halloween yesterday and I have about 220 pictures to prove it. So lets just say there will be a lot to see over the next few days. Cause when you have kids as cute as mine (I know.. i'm totally biased)- how can you not take that many pics?
I'll start with the first thing.

The kids had the annual costume parade in their school. THey got to dress up and go around the school and show all the students and parents how cute they are. Then they had a fun class party.
The pics I'll show now are of the kids before all that. Hailey was a Ballerina Princess and Kayleb was a knight. Aren't they so cute?
And a cute little pic to top it off is that of Jayce sleeping. He was taking a little snoozer while the kids were carving the pumpkin and Mia decided to give Jayce her stuffed animals to sleep with. Isn't that adorable?
until tomorrow! :)


Anonymous said...

first, yes you do have cute kids, not as cute as mine, but cute yes. now that that's said, what's up with Hailey's forhead? It looks like you gave her a toilet swirly with self tanner?
I'll totally take Jayce if you are looking to give him away?

the real ~Roxann~ said...

Oh my! The sleeping Jayce picture makes me want to have a baby RIGHT THIS MINUTE!!! (until I think about the hell pregnancy...and then I change my mind!)

Lisa Brown said...

Oh my goodness, your baby boy is gorgeous!!

Anonymous said...

Nice pictures. Your baby boy is magnificent.

Anonymous said...

That is a good idea to try to post everyday, I think maybe I will try that after the holidays. You all seem to have adjusted to moving beautifuly.