Sunday, November 09, 2008

Last Night

Ok- so I'm working on creating a photography blog for myself. And although i don't have a lot of professional experience, I'd like to showcase the things that I've captured and share them. With moving here to Idaho, I've been presented with quite a few opportunities to use this talent and once of those came last night. My mom is in charge of the dance team at one of the high schools here and they sponsered a dance. And because of that, I was asked to take pictures at this dance. I was so excited!!! Well... after it was all said and done, I was able to only get 6 pictures from people and then a bunch of shots of the team. i was disappointed, but I guess people don't want to pay for pictures at a STAG dance. I had fun nonetheless!

And today- I'm going to show you some pics. And being that it's been a really emotional couple of days for me, i'm gonna go all sappy on ya. :)

See this lady? She's pretty huh? :)
This is my mom. She's the one that holds everything together. I've never known anyone who can juggle so many things at one time and still stay sane. She's the one that raised 5 kids and miraculously all 5 of us turned out normal. (and that's according to me!) She makes really good meals and some of the best chocolate chip cookies. She can multitask, organize, and clean better than anyone on the face of this earth! (just ask anyone) She's passed on the qualities of motherhood that I hope I can live up to. She (and my dad of course) have taken us in more than once and provided for us in our times of need. And especially now, she is maintaining a family of 11 under 1 roof and still finds the time to laugh and have fun. And I know that even though I don't express it or show it often enough- I love you mom. You are a wonderful example and I will always look up to you and admire you for all you do. Love you!!!


Sassy Lu said...

Oh my heck!!! (You're going to start hearing that a lot more now) You look so much like your mom! She's so young and beautiful. She seems like a wonderful person.

Christensen Family said...

Oh Sherri! She does make the best chocolate chip cookies. I miss those. She is looking great! Tell her and your family hi for me. That is awesome that you are a good photographer. That is something I want to get into also. Let us know when you are moving and if you need a break along the way feel free to stop by our place!

the real ~Roxann~ said...

Holy Moly! I can't believe that's your MOM!!!! (and yes, you do look like her...which is a good thing!) WoWZA! She looks like she's your age! I would have never guessed!

Your mom has taught you well, because you are about the most put together mom of 4 that I know!

I hope someday I get to come visit and meet your family! I MISS YOU!!!

xoxo - roxann