Monday, November 10, 2008

Oh Money Tree...

where are you? lol

You know what i hate most about this past 4 months? the fact that we saved and saved and got a good bit amount of $$ in our pockets- just to WASTE it on moving two times. And where does that leave us? pretty much suckin' it up to the boss man to hand us over a bigger chunk of change to afford this move.

well.... they are going to pay for the move- which is a HUGE blessing. so at least we have that covered. But for some reason, everyone and their dog in Utah County feels the need to jip the average joe out of renting a place because they charge an arm and a leg for it all. So we've been looking at the typical 3 bedroom places to rent for now. That's all we've ever lived in, so we know the space restraints and whatnot. Over the past few days I've gathered a bunch of listings to call. So i start making the phone calls this morning and this is how the first phone call went. It was for a 3 bed 1.5 bath duplex, 1400 sq ft. (this is the largest we would have ever lived in)

Dude: "Yes we still have the duplex available. When would you be moving in?"
me: "Over thanksgiving break. Could we schedule a time to come look at the place?"
dude: "Well, how big is your family?"
me: "I have 4 kids, then my husband and I"
dude: "I don't know if that's enough room."
me: "every apt. we've ever lived in has been 3 bed and less sq. footage than this. So we are fine on the space if you are."
dude: "Yah. I don't think that will work for us."

Seriously? I just got turned down because i have too many kids. 1- makes me a little mad... that's discrimination right? and 2- is he flippin serious?

So i put that aside and continue calling. Guess what? There must be some sort of petition or law floating around that tells people whether they should rent to people with more than 1 kid. 80% of the calls i made this morning- they wouldn't talk to me because i had TOO many kids.
i don't know whether to be shocked and dumbfounded... or to just be plain pissed. I guess it's a lesson learned that if you want to rent a place in Utah- you better plan on not having children- which is completle ironic since it's the place where the largest saturation of mormons live. lol

And where does that lead us then? Well.... one of two options, and the last one is almost out of reach. 1) i tak eon a job to help pay for higher rent so we can accomodate a larger house and a larger rent payment. 2) attempt the impossible and try and purchase a house. which probably won't happen since we have student loans up to our eyeballs to pay off.

Wow. looks like unless a miracle can happen, we may just have to put off moving until the perfect place becomes available. and we all know THAT would suck. lol

So hence... if anyone has a money tree- wanna lend it to me? i could really use a nice down payment to get my family a home. :)-

Oh... and for those of you who were kind enough to lend me some advice with the whole moving thing.....We are looking to rent a house/duplex/townhome for now. If you find anything in the Provo/Orem/Spanish Fork/American Fork area.... email me at


Rebecca said...

Wow that was a rude "dude" on the phone. It surprises me too that in Utah - Happy Valley area even - they're turning you down for renting because of the number of kiddos you have. Weird. Good luck on the house finding!

Unknown said...

I'm pretty sure that's illegal. At least, it should be. Then again, you probably don't want to rent from someone like that. Good luck. I hope something opens up. I know it stinks but at least you can stay where you are for now and don't have to rush. Although I'm sure the weeks apart are getting old...

Amie said...

how can that BE?? EVeryone in Utah has more than one kid!!! Bizarre!!! How close are you to Riverton? One of my best friends lives across the street from a house she keeps trying to get me to move into. ;)