Tuesday, November 11, 2008


You know.. i'm not good with being tagged. anyone who ever has tagged me- knows that more than likely I won't do it. And it's not because I'm rude or have better things to do.... honestly, I just forget. lol That's what kids do to you right? and in my case... they took my butt, my thighs, my boobs, and my gut- on top of the brains..... so there's my excuse! :)

Anywho... Today I'm turning a new leaf. I've been tagged and i'm actually going to do it! Thanks to my incredibly talented friend Zarah- I'll be telling you 7 random things about myself. Yay for you right? just what you wanted... to hear more about my ever enthusiastic and event filled life!

1) I'm a sucker for Musicals. I love everything about them. al the music, dancing... incredible talent. I often daydream about my past life and how i must have been incredibly famous and talented... in that exact era. ;)-

2) If you want to see me nice and happy... DON"T WAKE ME UP!!! There's nothing that willl turn me into a monster faster than waking me up. I hate it with a passion. If i'm going to wake up.. i'll do it myself thank you very much. So now is when you wonder what on earth I do when i have a baby and i'm waking up several times a night. Well my dear friends... that is the ONLY exception. hahaha

3) I would love to have my own company some day. What will it be in? It's a toss up between scrapbooking, photography, and graphic design. pretty sure it will be photography first. (but that's now.)

4) I HATE the cold. everything about it sucks. I seriously need to live in a place where it doesn't get colder than 65 and never snows. Find me that place and that's where i'll live and die.

5) I have this secret desire to be an interior designer. Yes- I have SO many interests... but all those home makeover shows on HGTV- man.... i could watch those forever and never get sick of them. If only i had the money to make my house look that good.

6) I love to move. And you probably wouldn't guess that by how many times i've done it over the past 4 months..... but i love change. I'm afraid my poor family will have to deal with moving every few years just to appease me.

7) I am terribly in love with anything oriental. Love the culture, love the colors, food, styles, places...... believe me- when i have my own home- there will beone room completely dedicated to oriental decorating. Send me over there any day and I"m sure I'd love every second of it!

Ok....so there ya go. entertaining right? huh.
got to attend to the screaming child once again. Story of my life right now! toodles!

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