Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Long Days

You know... I LOVE days that are cloudy and rainy all day. SOmething about them just makes me happy. But I do have to say that the past few days of it.... just makes the days seem to last FOREVER! seriously- it's like they never end. It might have something to do with how early i get up- but i'd appreciate if time would speed up a little around now. :)

SO guess what I did today? I applied for jobs. Looking at our financials- looks like I need to do something to help out. Let's just say Craigslist is awesome. We'll see if anything comes of it, but I applied for about 15 PT secretarial positions. Keep the fingers crossed that something comes along- otherwise... i may have to sell off everything i own. ;)-

And on top of everything else- I have flippin' pink eye! Don't know where it came from. my guess is the stinkin' carts at Walmart. I hate grocery carts- they are almost the epitomy of germ infested material. I'm no germophobe- but there are few things that make me cringe just touching.

And lastly (since i'm full of all sorts ofuseful information today).... you should seriously go and join up with My SCrapbook Nook kits. THEY ARE FABULOUS! And there are some changes taking place, so they will be even better come the new year. You get so much product for the money- and super fast shipping. Come over and join the boards too....who doesn't enjoy making friends all over the world? I always laugh because when I think about it, because of the Nook, if ever i travel around the world... i literally have a place to stay! it's so fun! So here's a picture of the November kit. The December kit is coming very shortly... so look for that as well.

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Anonymous said...

oh yes, i love cloudy rainy days too.
good luck with the job. it looks like i might be headed down that road too. sigh