Wednesday, November 05, 2008


Oh my word. Ok... this will probably seem really funny to ya'll- but seriously, i'm a little freaked out.
Take a look at this adorable little girl. isn't she cute? Now... notice anything different about her?
notice it? if not... take a look at this one.
Notice it yet? here's the last one....
And if you're seriously THAT blind ;)-, Little Hailey lost her first tooth today! At first she was really reluctant- until I mentioned the tooth fairy. ANd of course she was all about getting the sucker out as fast as possible once the $ thing came into play! lol
So here I sit, wondering how much- I mean... how much the tooth fairy will leave under the pillow tonight and how in the heck I'm at this point in my life already. For some odd reason- I feel like i'm getting older just because of this little milestone. lol
all right- now you can all laugh at my expense. Man... even with one gone, she's still a cutie! :)


Anonymous said...

Yeah coz she's your oldest, lol, bless her cotton sock's!!!

Unknown said...

Whatever amount you pick multiply it by 20 teeth and 4 kids then be sure you're willing to pay that price! I was happy to get a quarter but I think a dollar is perfect.

Have fun being a toothfairy! Are you gonna go all out and leave glitter on the windowsill?

the real ~Roxann~ said...

I noticed it right off!

I went to the bank and got a "golden" dollar for the first tooth, because it's special!

And often, the tooth fairy leaves toothbrushes and sugar-free gum at out house. After all...she wants pretty teeth! :P