Wednesday, November 19, 2008


Ok-- so i totally spaced writing yesterday. DANG! so much for the every-day thing. oh well..... i'll keep going. just pretend it never happened! :)

So... the report would be: We found a place.... MAYBE. i've seriuosly never encountered a place where it was so stinkin hard to find a place to live! what it boiled down to was cost and availability. if it was the right price and it was available now... we took it. So we applied through this management company for a condo just 5 min. from Rick's work. We'll find out tomorrow whether we get it or not.

Pros: close to work, good schools
Cons: too small, next to freeway, and it's another STINKIN APARTMENT! something i swore i'd never live in again. oh well..... that's what i get for talkin' huh?

we're crossing the fingers that they will let us only have a 6 mo. contract so we don't have to stay in such a small place for too long. for those of you who saw my apartment in Savannah... it's smaller than that. yah. with 4 kids. so you can imagine how tight it will be. we just need to get into something so we aren't separated anymore. once we're in- we'll focus on truly finding something we want. and hopfully we'll be able to buy.

OK... there's the reports... i swear- i'll have something interesting to read tomorrow. i have too many things to do today to say much else.

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Anonymous said...

Dang! That stinks. I asked my mom if people could decide not to rent based solely on number of children. She didn't know but agreed with me in thinking "how is that any different from discrimination based on sex, race, or religion?" I'm sorry you are going to be in such a tiny place. I might be getting 2200 sq ft, you could always come stay with me?