Thursday, November 20, 2008

This is seriously crazy!

So remember the mention of the house that I wanted? Too good to be true.

I receieved an email this morning saying that they would allow us to rent for a little cheaper and to send them the amount of $1250 to a specific name via money gram through walmart.

WHAT?!?!?!?!?! that sent red flags flying everywhere. We knew they were "working in Africa" and that they had the keys. It was a legitimate house, a legitimate name, and a legitimate company they "worked" for.

So I sent Rick over there this afternoon to check it out. Got to the house, it was for rent. went around and saw that the house was empty and went to a neighbor's house to ask some questions. Come to find out, it's an older couple who own it and they are very trustworthy people. Rick then mentioned that he thought they had gone to Africa. The neighbor seemed surprised because she hadn't heard that. So rick gave me the number off the rent sign and I called it.
An older gentlmen answered and I asked if the house was still for rent and how much they were charging. WAY more than what we were quoted. So i then explained what had happened and he then said that he had gotten 8 previous phone calls saying the same thing.

They posted an ad on craigslist and it was "stolen" and used as a scam to get people to send this jerk of a guy money. LUckily, no one fell victim to this scam that he knew of.

So what do i do? I look up his name on Facebook and find out that it is indeed a guy from Africa. Look up his friends and they too are all from Africa. I then go to the email that he has been writing me from and write an email back to him. THis is what it said......

"YOU HAVE BEEN CAUGHT!!!!! I went up to the house and called the phone number and you are NOT the owner. I have forwarded all of our emails, and the information i have from you to the police. They have assured me they are looking into this and have been aware of your scam. You should be ashamed of yourself for doing this to people. Luckily for me..... i'm not as stupid as you thought I would be. I googled your name and saw you on Facebook as well- rest assured that that information was sent with the rest to the authorities! Shame Shame Shame on you. I hope for your sake you decide to become an honest person and stop trying to steal other peoples' hard earned money!!! "

It was totally my moms idea to write him. lol
Maybe I should have said FBI instead? hahahahaha

Hopefully this jerk will be scared off, but hello!!!! I mean, we aren't dumb enough to send the money anyway, but to think we were being scammed the whole time. Wow. Crazy i tell ya.

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jinxi~ aka angi said...

Wow, what a scam!!!! Im glad you wrote someone about it.. I think the FBI may need to know this too.. what if they are running this scam all over this US. Geez.. people. ;(