Thursday, October 15, 2009


Here's the conversation that I had with my 2 middle kids today. I saw they were watching some sort of Halloween movie on Cartoon Network or something.... I didn't know what it was- so I asked.

Me: What are you guys watching?
Mia: Boobies
Me: What?!
Mia: Boobies mommy
Me: Boobies? That the heck is that? (freaking out in my mind)
Me: Kayleb.. what are you watching?
Kayleb: Bum Bums
Me: WHAT?!
Kayleb: Mom.. it's called Bum bums.
Me: seriously? what the heck is this show?

I flip on the guide to see what is' called... GOOSEBUMPS.

yup... this one goes in the books. LOL


Amie said...

Boobies and Bums...gotta love the kids' mind-set. :)

beckyjune said...

too too funny, Amber!